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Cesar Tee Releases, "Why Do You Worry so Much?" an Upbeat Single for All to Enjoy.

Each time Cesar Tee endeavors to release music from the comforts of his home, he imparts a sound reminiscent of Mac Demarco vibes mixed with the playfulness of Boy Pablo —it feels chillingly modern yet nostalgic. His music features themes relating to young love that feels relatable for all ages. He was barely 21 when he released his debut EP Thawed Out, which features the upbeat song, "Why Do You Always Worry So Much?" featuring a punchy midsection and a steady co-ordinated groove, and here he shines. This song opens with a radio-friendly chorus that captures your attention instantly. Here, he sings effortlessly with supporting harmonies that fill out the spaces between a conga line of bells, horns, string, and guitars. With a whispering tone and a puff of wistfulness, he's transported us all the way back into a comfortable couch, enamoring us with tales of young love come and gone. There's something ineffably excellent about his short and direct approach to "Why Do You Always Worry So Much.", like overlapping lyrics transitioning beautifully into the different sections of this tune. But the sum is more considerable than its parts: and in this way, his music is most effective at achieving a state of jubilant emotion and describing a story. Amid a steady laid back and a bright feeling mix and the humming character of Cesar's voice, he gives you the energy to fill in your own spaces with positive vibing music and an upbeat rhythm to go with it. You can find "Why Do You Always Worry So Much?" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cesar! It's exciting having you here featuring your single, "Why Do You Always Worry So Much?". Can you give off some behind the scenes about your approach and inspiration for this Song? It seems to be a more straight forward and quick-engaging song from some of your others on Thawed Out.

For "Why Do You Worry So Much" I was inspired a lot by that '60s, '70s Motown sound, even with the lyrics having that romantic, rose-colored glasses quality that songs used to have back then. I wanted the song to be as straight forward as possible because people's attention spans are shorter now and I don't want to bore them. 

How did you manage to start making music at such a young age from the confines of your own bedroom? This is not an easy thing to do!

I started making my own music first by recording songs where it's just me singing and playing guitar onto my phone and editing them on my computer. Then with the jobs I had worked during high school I was able to afford better gear, like a TASCAM cassette deck multi-track, and I used that for a bit but now I just do the normal thing and use an audio interface that plugs into my computer and the software Reason 10. 

Have you ever dreamt of collaborating with anyone? Who would this person be, and what kind of song would you want to work on with them?

I would love to collaborate with Tyler, the Creator one day. I think I'd have a lot to contribute to his vision, whatever it is. Do like a Frank Ocean or Rex Orange County singing part on one of his songs. 

Thanks for being here, Cesar! Do you have any plans to release new music this year? What are your plans for the rest of 2020? 

It's been a pleasure. As for putting out more music, I might release a single here and there this year - but for the most part I've been focusing on getting the live aspect of my act together for after quarantine. 



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