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Charmian Devi Mixes The Ethereal And Alternative On “It Took You By Surprise”

A veteran of the scene continues to raise the bar, even decades later.

With an illustrious music career spanning decades, singer/songwriter Charmian Devi has been nothing short of a trailblazer.

Having been a staple in the NW touring circuit, Devi brought her grunge/punk sound to cities like Seattle, San Francisco, LA, and Vancouver, and touring across Canada and later even London. A proud Montreal native, Devi’s dedication to her craft and natural ear for conventional and unconventional melodies has led to her standout discography.

It’s exceedingly impressive how an artist who’s been active for so many years keeps their releases fresh and exciting. Earlier releases like 2011’s “Space Machine” sound different from more recent releases like 2020’s “No Peace,” with her most recent release “It Took You By Surprise” also exploring a different sonic direction.

For as long as Devi has done music, she’s continued to evolve and provide new, refreshing takes on the ever-changing landscape of music, enchanting audiences along the way.

“It Took You By Surprise” is a delightful offering that fans of alternative and grunge will love. Devi’s signature sultry vocals are a little more ethereal here, utilizing just a touch of distortion to give it that extra oomph.

Led by lively guitar and drum play, the instrumental performance perfectly complements Devi’s vocal performance. From the moment she begins to sing, it’s apparent that Devi is an incredibly gifted musical mind and talent, and as she continues to uphold the high standard she’s set for herself, the future remains incredibly bright.

Charmian Devi’s latest release, “It Took You By Surprise,” is the latest in a string of impressive releases from the Montreal native. When you’re ready, tap in and stream Charmian Devi’s “It Took You By Surprise,” which is now on all major streaming platforms.


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