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Changing The Christian Pop Scene, E.K.490 Release “Todo Lo Que Eres”

Based out of Los Angeles, California, power duo E.K.490 is the artistic creation of Ethan and Kaylinn. The brother and sister culmination provides an undeniable chemistry within their sound. The Christian duo brings a new style of contemporary praises by raising the message of salvation. Since the age of 13 these eclectic siblings have been writing together and strive to change the reputation of Christian music through their contemporary pop arrangements.

E.K.490’s brand new track “Todo Lo Que Eres” is solely in Spanish but that doesn’t stop us from vibing to the addicting beat and textured rhythm. Kaylinn’s finely-calibrated vocals fuse perfectly with her flawless delivery. The powerful chorus of “Todo Lo Que Eres” translates to “I feel it in my hands, I feel it in my soul, Everything that you are I wanna be”. Ethan and Kaylinn refer to their strong relationship with God in a contemporary and lighthearted way. They strive to galvanize what modern Christian pop is.  “Todo Lo Que Eres” is a track that I would happily welcome on radio stations today. It has a meaningful and important message while still remaining an upbeat and fun pop song. Stay on the lookout for E.K.490, here to stay and change the music scene!

Check out “Todo Lo Que Eres” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic E.K.490! What does your stage name mean?

Hey Buzzmusic! Thanks for the welcome. Our stage name actually derives from my sisters and my name, which is Ethan and Kaylinn Hence the EK. The 490 is actually from a biblical verse in Matthew 18:22  were it talks about how Jesus said to forgive 70x7 which equals to 490. 

We love “Todo Lo Que Eres”! Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the song?

So the whole essence and idea of the song was honestly to create a rhythmic, yet very valuable and encourage simple message. Sometimes to be honest the as Christians we are born into this reputation were everyone assumes that we are super goodie two shoes, where we are always trying to achieve this sense of perfection and everything else is bad. And honestly Its absolutely not. As much as people who aren’t religious or christian, we struggle just as much with everyday issues. That’s exactly what this song talks about. We are imperfect people yet loved in His eyes. We try to stay away from the stereo typical song writing of Christianity, because its so dry. 

What’s your writing process like together?

Our writing process is honestly super spontaneous. I normally carry around with me a black moleskin in wherever I have some time, I write out lyrics or poems. But Kaylinn and I normally get together, sit in front of our piano, and just come up with melodies, and then add christian values and infuse it and we pop out songs!

Who are your top musical influences? How do they help to inspire you?

Our top musical influences, include Marcos Witt, Lead,  SG Lewis, and a few others. They inspire us to help fuse together what our sound is. a uniqueness of vocal, musical, and heart all into one mixing bowl. 


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