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Changing The Game With B. Lamont's New Single 'Outkast'

B. Lamont is an artist and producer who was formerly known as “B. Starzz”. B. Lamont got his footing from his parents who introduced him to the music industry. He began recording songs and performing at local showcases at an early age which led to him selling out civic centres. Throughout his years in High School and College, B. Lamont was known for battling and performing for his peers. B. Lamont put the final touches on his “Self-Titled” EP, and with unconventional hip-hop yet witty style, he is planning on showing the world whose next in the game!

B. Lamont released the single “Outkast” and this song was so special due to the vibe it gave us. We were able to feel transported with the classic elements of hip-hop and r&b being presented in the song. “Outkast” had this unforgettable energy that radiated throughout the music and to its listener. B. Lamont isn’t holding back with his vocal range either! The amount of skill he has as a vocalist was immensely impressive. He takes his range through multiple different dimensions of registers, while remaining on key throughout. “Outkast” was equipped with a great harmonic hook that was delivered with B. Lamont’s funky vocal resonance. As the melodies soar throughout the song, the production holds its own as the root of the ever-growing music. “Outkast” immediately garnered my attention, and had me anticipating what else could possibly be on the album of “B. Lamont”. His rap delivery was intricate and refreshing. It’s a sound you never heard before, something quite uncommon from what you’re used to hearing from a rapper. Therefore, it was much appreciated. B. Lamont is a unique, multi-faceted artist who has a lot to offer! Listen to "Outkast" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic B.Lamont! In what ways has growing up musically inclined impacted your artistry today?

It impacted my artistry by me being able to express my thoughts and emotions in a more clear when I couldn’t do it with just words. For me the music will speak and bring a certain mood or idea out of me. It also helped me be more creative about how I can flip this word, idea or metaphor or how can I make this beat fit this idea I’m hearing in my head.

Let’s talk about your album titled “B. Lamont”, what can we expect from this project?

With my project being titled “B. Lamont” I went with that because growing up everyone knew me as B. Starrz from like 03 to 14 lol. Some people are still learning that I changed my name so I had to make a skit about some of the reactions I got and put it on this project. I felt like me making the transition to B. Lamont was personal, mature and vulnerable because I have always been a private person and no one ever knew my middle name. So you can expect real life experiences I’ve been through that I believe are very relatable and shows me being vulnerable. You can expect a good vibe.

What was the most challenging element in creating this album? How did you overcome this challenge?

The most challenging part was finding my sound and putting together the right songs that shows different parts of who I am at a quality level. I felt like I overcame that with the help of my brother Hopp and a few producers I worked with, Tommy Gunz (Rated TG), Ty Steez, and Skool.

In what ways does “Outkast” fit into the theme of the album?

“Outkast” defines who I am and who I always have been. I always felt like I never really fit in completely but I always knew a lot of people and was known for rapping. I really think this song sets the tone for the whole project with the sound and the content.

What’s next for you B. Lamont?

Next on the schedule will be videos for sure, I really want to get the ideas for visuals out and also more shows and performances. I might even leak some new singles that I have in the stash that I’m excited about. I try to always stay in a creative mode.


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