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Channeling her Elusive Artistry, Queenyy Drops Visuals for, "Broken English"

Fresh off the release of her nostalgia-filled EP, ‘Distance,’ Ottawa based R&B recording and movement artist Queenyy familiarizes her audience with a filmic component for the featured introductory single “Broken English.”

On the regular, Queenyy’s animated persona trickles into the infectious melodies she crafts as she continues to immerse her fan base in an authentic representation of lyrical content and lived experiences. However, with release of the “Broken English,” music video, this moment marks a vast stepping stone in her career as the visuals conveyed showcase her multifaceted aptitudes as both a musical and movement artist committed to exposing her emotion filled vulnerability.

“Broken English,” elusively flows as the musical hues that are ventured weave through an ominous route of thought provoking resonance. As Queenyy’s sultry vocalization fills the speakers in a stimulating overflow of gripping emotion, you find yourself drawn towards the raw offering of a freestyle straight from the heart.

Collaborating with the superlative directing methods from the talented Just Jay, the cinematic presentation of “Broken English,” tenders a series of extensive black and white footage that illustrates the intimacy buried in the freestyle dance elements that remain a prominent part of Queenyy’s artistry.

Filmed in Canada’s capital at local Ottawa hot-spot the Armada Lounge, all guards are elevated as Queenyy intends for viewers to fixate upon the vulnerability that she shares in not only the melismatic soundwaves explored, but in the impalpable performance demonstrated in her techniques as a movement artist.

As Queenyy works hard to perfect the sonic excursion she embarks, you can’t help but to be drawn towards the reminiscent hues that her honeyed creations embody. Proposing that her musical path moving forward will tour the route of delicate tenors doused in riveting passion, the music video for “Broken English,” establishes the prevailing foundation that Queenyy will continue to fashion her empire upon.


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