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Charissa Reminds Us Of Our Worth In, "People Like You"

From Burlington, Ontario, singer-songwriter, and musician Charissa releases her inspirational and lush acoustic single entitled "People Like You."

The natural-born storyteller has been honing her thoughtful and meditative songwriting approach since she was singing along to hits by Queen, Allison Krauss, Whitney Hoston, Stevie Nicks, and Blue Rodeo. When Charissa's parents decided to enroll her in vocal lessons while learning to play guitar, her career began to blossom with authentic, reflective, and soulful creations.

The Canadian Roots artist recently released her stunning and sincere ballad, "People Like You," which tells the tale of finding a light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for a warm embrace from a loved one. While Charissa serenades us with her soft and tender vocals, her delicate acoustic guitar picking takes the song to deeper emotional levels.

Expanding on the new release, "People Like You," the song begins with the utmost gentle and lush acoustic guitar picking alongside Charissa's bright and harmonious vocals, singing of the weight that sits on our shoulders and the constant struggle of feeling alone in this battle. Moving over to the serene hook, Charissa reminds us that people like us are one in a million, a message anyone can take away from.

While continuing to remind us how much of an impact each one of us makes on the surrounding world, Charissa's soothing acoustic guitar keeps the song's bright and gentle tone intact. As we move our way towards the outro, Charissa continues to shine her radiant lullaby over our speakers in the most elegant and genuine way.

Remember, "People Like You" are one in a million. Find Charissa's sweet-sounding and inspirational new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Charissa. We genuinely appreciate the inclusive and inspirational message within your latest single, "People Like You." What inspired you to create this hopeful and motivational piece?

“People Like You” was written in honor of my friend after I found out that he had passed. He was a genuine person, and I’m grateful to have known him. I hope it inspires the listener to reflect on themselves and all people to not lose hope and know they matter. I think it’s important to let everyone know of the good they do while they’re still here with us.

What was your songwriting process like for "People Like You?” Was it easy for you to write such moving and compelling words?

I wrote with Chrystal Leigh and Jimmy Thow on my first writing trip in Nashville. In our session that day, Chrystal brought up a song idea and the line was “the world could use more people like you”. I remember really liking it, but we ended up writing something completely different. Then in 2020, I found out my friend had suddenly passed. As I was thinking of him, that line came back to me and I came up with a melody for it. I reached out to Chrystal to try and write the song in his honor. Chrystal introduced me to Emma-Lee that day and we all collaborated and actually finished the song the same day. It was the most emotional songwriting session, I was holding back tears for most of it.

Why did you choose to keep the instrumentals at a minimum for "People Like You?” How does the sole acoustic guitar enhance your genuine message?

When I played the song for my producer Colin Cripps, he believed it should be exactly what you would see and hear on stage, my voice, guitar, and the message. The message is enhanced as there are no other sounds or distractions and the focus can be solely on the lyrics.

How do songs like "People Like You" represent you as an artistic creator? Do you usually create such moving pieces that emotionally impact the listener?

“People Like You" is definitely the most impactful song I’ve ever written and the hardest one to write to this day. I’ve always written from the heart and my own personal experiences. It really opened my eyes and helped me find my purpose to continue writing music that moves people and uses the power of my voice for good.

What's next for you?

Releasing more music! I’ll be releasing my debut EP in the Spring! I’ve been working towards this for what feels like my whole life. I’m so excited to perform these songs live and to share the stories behind them.

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