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Charlee Bravo Started the Year With a BANG and Hasn't Stopped Since!

Who is this Charlee Bravo? Charlee Bravo is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, born all the way from Detroit Michigan who began his music career at an early age by instrumentation. Charlee Bravo crafted his songwriting skills early on which landed him his first professional studio at 18. By age 23 Charlee Bravo released his first major and groundbreaking mixtapes Over The Top.

The traction this mixtape received led to the follow up of 3 more projects from Charlee Bravo “Wolf Of Music (2015)” “Why and Las Olas” "singles" (2016), Charlee Bravo "album" (2017), Nowadays "Ep" (2017). Opening for various acts including hip-hop Legend Lupe Fiasco. 2018 was a big year, as he released 3 powerhouse singles Mill Run, Steez, and Funni Bonez. But, we hope they didn’t expect Charlee Bravo to stop there, because he started 2019 off with a bang, releasing his huge new single “New Draco”. Charlee Bravo further followed up with singles Gelato, Worst Day, Freeze, Stra8, Belichick and Hercules which are gaining more and more buzz daily! Clearly Charlee Bravo had a strong work ethic, and we're impressed at this ability to produce both quantity and quality. Not only is Charlee Bravo planning on taking over the national market of hip-hop, but he’s adding international to the list, doing an Australian tour with popular rapper Icy Narco. You can definitely expect great things from the 12-year-old South Florida Music genius! Upcoming tours, music, and all over excitement are bound to come.

Discover the sound of Charlee Bravo here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Charlee Bravo! Talk to us a little about your upbringing! What initially motivated you to pursue music?

Wow, that's an awesome question! I came up in Detroit, Michigan literally the "Motown". I didn't have much growing up in and out of home life wasn't all that stable all the time but, I found comfort in entertainment. I wanted to entertain people all the time. The first time I picked up an instrument was in 1st grade, I don't know how or why but it felt right. I started playing the trumpet as if I already knew how. I learned how to read music in weeks. The ultimate push was when I took the bus with my mom, aunt, and cousin to see 8 miles. Seeing Eminem rap.. was all I needed to know that was exactly what I wanted to do.  What was the most challenging obstacle you had to face in your career this year and in what ways were you able to overcome it? The most challenging part of this year has been learning how to truly market me. Of course, not many artists think about marketing but I realize how important it is. I've learned my demographics and other important parts like location, age ranges to run promotions more effectively.

You had great success this year with your music! Which single out your 2019 releases do you feel was the most monumental for you and why?

This year's champion single is definitely Purple Punch. The all-around vibe and feeling the song gives off is incredible. People feel good when singing the lyrics. I feel there energy when I sing to them. It creates a mutual relationship and vibe with my fanbase.

Let’s talk about your single “New Draco” how was this able to set the year off for you in a good way? What element of this record was the most surprising?

New Draco is my baby! Produced by JnoBlase and the video shot by 8954media in Atlanta, Georgia. I tour Australia with Icy Narco and New Draco was the bomb I came back to the states with to set off my year! It boosted my momentum so good with the energy of the song, to the cuts and perfect edits of the video. I was most surprised by how much energy I was able to put into the record while recording it. Amazing!

How would you describe your songwriting approach to your songs like “Gelato” and “Freeze”?

Gelato is another personal song and full of emotion, raw emotion. It came from my heart... from my soul. I don't know how I wrote it but, it came out! The freeze was a fun song I wrote. I love telling stories in my music. Describing what I'm doing and what's happening around me. I wanted people to dance when it came on. Mission accomplished both times.

What’s next for you in 2020 Charlee Bravo?

2020 is gonna be a big year! I don't want to say too much but expect me at some big festivals, opening up and headlining. One secret I can drop is, I will be starting off my year with a song called Good Burger prod by JnoBlase! Rest your ears because when this one drops... you'll probably break that repeat button. 


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