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Charles Caldwell Is Making Waves With His RnB Hit “Tell Me How"

Charles Caldwell began his career as one of the highest-paid child models which unfortunately came to a crashing halt at the age of 6 years old. During this time of his life, Charles Caldwell suffered from a third-degree burn over 85% percent of his body which shattered his dreams at a young age. However, his craving for self-expression and creativity was so strong that his passion for music emerged from its hiding-place. There is no doubt music is Charles “C.P.” Caldwell’s salvation. It has been woven into the fabric of his life-enhancing, lifting, and giving him purpose but most importantly enabling him to give voice to experiences we all can share.

Charles Caldwell released his single titled “Tell Me How”. “Tell me how” bridges the gap between classic RnB and contemporary. The classic RnB elements are shown with the timeless appeal “Tell me how” has. Like all of our favorite RnB records, “Tell Me How” is one of those songs where if you played it 10 years from now, instant nostalgia will run over your body, and you will still feel the same chills and emotions you felt from when you first heard the song. The contemporary element? Well, it’s the vibe! Many rnb songs nowadays have a way of creating that right vibe for its listener, and getting us into the appropriate mood, and mental setting the song creates for us, just like “Tell Me How”. Lastly, “Tell me how” sticks to the root of rnb with the sensual energy surrounding the soulful approach and smooth-toned vocals. “Tell me how” is no doubt in mind, a hit song.

Listen to "Tell Me How" here and get to know more about Charles Caldwell below!

Hey Charles! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well I’m a signed Bronx native singer/songwriter who has won awards, runs his own indie label aside his partner/brother, deacon, and label artist for Touch Music Group

In what ways have the incident from when you were 6 years old, served as a positive lesson for your career today?

To leave nothing to chance and go hard at all times. When you almost die, it changes your mindset from being scared to being fearless and understanding your not in control of what happens. So I do my music, my way and my way only but adapting the new trends

Tell us about your music! What’s the theme behind most of your songs?

I’m all about love, happiness, and truth. I make sure that everything I write or sing is based off truth so it can be very relatable. I believe that’s the best way to grab the ear of your audience; they know when your being authentic.

Did you have any inspirations for “Tell Me How” that encouraged you to write this?

Real life situations I’ve been in when I’ve gone out to the club in the past. Sometimes you just wanna have fun and sometimes you wanna be serious as far as hookups are concerned so I put it in the song.

What were some challenges you faced in the creation of “Tell Me How” ? How did you overcome these obstacles!

Honestly, I didn’t have any complications in the creation of the song. Now as far as the visual is concerned is another story but it just took some real thought on what I wanted to do for, so I just didn’t rush the process

What’s next for you, Charles?

More music, more visuals, and hopefully a tour in the near future through my deal with Touch Music Group. There will be a lot of C.P. on the scene this year and the following years until music is done with me


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