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Charles Marduk Painfully Asks, "Where Were You?" In An Emotional New Single

Coming in from New York City, singer-songwriter and record producer Charles Marduk releases a deeply vulnerable and heartfelt single with, "Where Were You?"

During his time in high school, Charles Marduk picked up the guitar and piano and also began playing around with DAWs and electronic music production later in college. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts at Tulane University, Charles Marduk moved back to New York and began to embark on his blossoming solo career.

Marduk recently released his passionate and emotional single, "Where Were You?" which took us by surprise as we were able to see a more personal and intimate side of him. The song's overall soothing and heartfelt tone allows the listener to gear the focus solely on Marduk's lyrical delivery, especially as he melts our hearts with incredibly relatable words.

Diving into "Where Were You?" the song gently opens with a grungey electric guitar and Charles Marduk's vocal hums alongside a crispy hi-hat. As the punchy kick drum drops into the song, Charles Marduk begins to vocalize the painful emotions that ache in his soul regarding someone who left him in a time of need. We love the song's blend of hip-hop and alternative rock, as it brings us into a wildly authentic listening experience.

Continuing through the song, Charles Marduk proceeds to open his heart while enlightening us on how he needs to be rescued from the inner turmoil that continues to linger. As the lush and emotional song comes to a close, we're left feeling a part of something greater with help from Marduk's deeply relatable lyrical content.

Feed your soul with Charles Marduk's latest emotional single, "Where Were You?" now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Charles Marduk. We're totally impressed with the vulnerability and emotion you've brought with your recent single, "Where Were You?" What inspired you to write this passionate and honest piece?

I usually start by making a beat and then crafting my lyrics to fit the general vibe and atmosphere. That particular beat felt more personal and introspective than some of the others I was working on, so the lyrics just kind of came together. I wrote the song during the quarantine, so I had a lot of time to reflect on the past and situations I've been through and was able to channel that into my music. It wasn't a conscious choice, but I felt like in order to connect with the audience you have to be willing to be a little bit vulnerable and open about what you're going through or have gone through in the past.

Was it challenging to be so open and emotional when writing your lyrics for "Where Were You?" Or was it easy to be this vulnerable?

Writing the lyrics wasn't all that challenging because I try to just let my songs develop as naturally as possible. So that was just how I was feeling at the time and the song kind of wrote itself. But recording the vocals was very difficult and it can sometimes be a challenge to perform live. It was easy to tap into that emotional place when I was already in that mood, but being able to do it on command in the studio or on stage is a bit more difficult. It took me a few tries to get it right, but ultimately I'm happy with the finished product.

What inspired the sonics within "Where Were You?" Why did you want to deliver this blend of hip-hop and alternative? Do you usually offer this kind of sound/style?

Yeah, that's generally the kind of sound I go for. I developed my style through a lot of experimentation and analysis of the current music landscape. Early on I started as more of a traditional singer-songwriter and would write songs with an acoustic guitar. But I was never very good at playing the guitar and singing at the same time, so I began recording myself playing using GarageBand and would layer the vocals on top. Eventually, I started experimenting with different drum patterns and adding more electronic sounds to the mix. This eventually led me to mess around with more advanced DAW and making beats, rather than just recording myself playing. Then I brought it full circle and started writing songs to the beats I made, which is how I landed on the sound I have now. It was kind of a natural synthesis of the different styles of music I listened to growing up, which was a mix of classic rock, punk, alternative rock, hip hop, and even pop.

What did you want your audience to take away from the entire listening experience within "Where Were You?"

I just wanted to write a song people could connect with. I feel like anyone can relate to being in a situation where people want to be around you when things are going well. But when times are tough, they're nowhere to be found. Whether it's in a relationship, friendship or just life in general. I strive to make timeless music that can capture certain universal emotions and my hope is that the audience can relate to the song in some way.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I'm always looking to improve my sound and my songwriting abilities, so I love feedback from my fans and anyone else. Positive or negative I like to know what works and what doesn't so I can continue to get better. I want the audience to know that they can always let me know their thoughts on my music, whether it's in a YouTube comment, DM, or if you happen to catch me in person. I'm always happy to hear honest critiques of my work so I can continue to hone my craft.

What can we anticipate next from you Charles?

I'm going to be releasing a bunch of new music that I recorded during the quarantine. I'm aiming to drop a new track every week for the next few months, so keep an eye out for new music coming soon.


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