Chase Bell Has Released His Latest Single "Feels Good to Be Bad"

Singer and musician, Chase Bell has been immersed in music since a very young age! His mother was a jazz singer and performed regularly around NYC so Jazz and Blues provided the foundation for his musical approach. At age 19, Chase left the US and lived in London and Rome, and performed and recorded his original music which by then, had evolved into a more Pop/Rock sound. Chase has since cemented himself in LA where he is a critically acclaimed pop songwriter/composer who produces, performs, and writes his own unique mix of cinematic pop and funk pop. Chase performs his original music regularly in LA with his funk trio and excites audiences while singing exciting and sexual lyrics, while playing guitar solo's behind his head. Chase has his own professional music recording studio in the artistic heart of LA where he records and refines his own pop music and the music of other artists and the music he composes for commercials and films, including "Lucifer" (FOX), various Lifetime movies, award-winning commercials and PSA's and has frequently collaborated with his sister, actress Emma Bell (The Walking Dead, Dallas). On Friday, October 26th, Chase released his latest single: "Feels Good to Be Bad" . The profound song holds up to a pedestal of individual professionalism that most artists can’t quite execute. The song starts off with chest voice vocals and a mysterious vibe, he then leads into his belting big ranged vocals before the theatrical but sensual beat transitions in creating an atmosphere rather erotic and passionate alongside cleansing cynical emotions the artist may have felt. “Feels Good To Be Bad, Feels Good To Be Bad” he repeats. What I interpreted from this is Chase is owning up to any negative trait he may be equipped with. Tackling all his dismissive antipathetic sentiments with a vehement approach is something extremely impressive! He also leaves a break where you can hear a more subtle guitar solo while you’re at the highest cloud 9 sensation from the song. Although I lyrically interpreted this song one way, I feel as if there’s a deeper context hidden underneath the surface lyrics that can be decoded in our own vision but still leaves a sense of mystery.

Get to know more about Chase's early music days, to where he is now in his successful music career. You can listen to "Feels Good to Be Bad" and follow Chase Bell on his social media!

Would you consider yourself someone who grew up in a musically inclined household due to your mother being a musician?

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that there were more guitars than people when we had a family gathering. All of my cousins played guitars and sang in harmony and many of the family were songwriters at one point in time.

I grew up with a beautiful old acoustic piano and a martin acoustic guitar in the house which really influenced my ability to learn instruments early on. On top of all that my Mother practiced singing in the house and in the car on the way to do errands so I was indeed surrounded by music throughout my childhood.

Do you have any Jazz influence, if so who and why?

I studied jazz for years and worked with jazz artists and performed alongside jazz artists in Philadelphia, London, and Italy. When I was 15 I dove into jazz guitar with an amazing teacher named Walt Bibinger in New Jersey, then when I was 17 I went to a years worth of jazz studies in Philadelphia. I then moved to London where I performed regularly for about 2 years and was surrounded by great Italian jazz players like Enzo Zirilli and Davide Montovani and we mainly recorded in the studio scene there together. At some level I have Jazz influences in my guitar playing but I don't think of myself as a jazz guy, it never made sense to me to play covers of music made in the 40's and 50's.

Is there any difference creating music for film rather than creating your own artist work?

When I write for film I am an extension of the director. When I see a film before the music is put in I already have an idea of what the visuals are saying musically and so I try to bring to life what the visuals are already saying. I then relay those ideas to the director and he or she tries to reel me into what they wanted to create for their film.

As an artist, I am my own boss, and there are no bounds to what I want to try to do. On some songs I have produced and re-produced a song ten times and still haven't gotten in right. Though there are way more similarities in writing music for someone else and writing music for myself then differences. I try to focus on the part of the process of making music that inspired me to get into music to begin with no matter what the job.

What’s so special about your songwriting method that you think becomes beneficial to delivering your songs?
Every day since I was about 14 I have been focused and working in music, getting better and better as I go. I guess thats that hard working NJ ethic I keep bringing forward. I use my own songwriting to empower myself and in turn hopefully empower other people as well. When I write a strong, up tempo song about being confident, its because I look in the mirror and I don't feel very confident so I really "need" to inspire myself that day.

If you can collaborate with any artist who would you select and why?

I would love to collaborate with Coldplay for the obvious reason that they have been awesome for a long time now and I have been heavily influenced by the simplicity and power of the songwriting they have developed.

What’s next for you in 2019?

I am very excited about this coming year, I will be releasing at least 9 songs which will likely be in an album together. The new songs are about self empowerment, inner strength, and being yourself or trying to... I was influenced by so many different artists from today and all the way back to the 70's, I can't just mention a few without mentioning over 20.

I also have a monthly gig set up in one of the coolest clubs in West Hollywood "Harvelles Santa Monica" I will be playing there at the end of every month.

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