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Chase Love With Perry Ripley's Compelling Single, "Uh-Huh"

Constantly delivering a raw and thought-provoking portrayal of his emotions, the singer-songwriter, and diverse artist Perry Ripley reflects on easier times with his recent single, "Uh-Huh."

Although his career launched in 2018, Perry Ripley has become well-known for his moody atmospheres and wildly original lyrical content, bound to captivate any listener who lands upon his broad stylings. Now gearing up to release his forthcoming sophomore EP 'Cocaine Love' on April 26th, Perry Ripley graces us with the project's lead single, "Uh-Huh."

When asked about the single, "Uh-Huh," Ripley stated, "-the lyrics reflect times of nostalgia and the inner monologue of someone who is struggling to move on." While the sonics radiate a magnetic and emotional atmosphere, Perry Ripley expresses his inner thoughts through delicate and saddening lyricism.

When listening to "Uh-Huh," we're graced with a transcendent synth that pierces through the song with ease and tenderness. While the sonics and instrumentation begin to expand through a somber string section, delicate down-tempo drums, and soothing piano melodies, Perry Ripley joins in and lets us into his emotional story of two lovers who were continually out of sync.

Taking a deeper listen to Perry Ripley's lyricism, he tells a rather poetic and heartfelt story of his recurring flashbacks to a time where everything seemed too perfect while also comparing those moments to today's struggle and strife. About halfway through the song, a powerful bass-like synth begins to pulsate and leaves us feeling exhilarated alongside the expansive sonics and crashing instrumentals.

Congratulations on the release of your powerfully emotional single, "Uh-Huh." Was there a specific moment that pushed or inspired you to create this piece?

Thank you so much. Well, I was sitting in my studio very late at night with my guitar and trying to find the right melody for my new song and I had severe writer's block for weeks. Suddenly, the hook came into my head, so I rolled with it. I played the chords on the guitar raw, and this is what ended up in the final song. As I was playing the lyrics just flowed and I spent about 6 hours locked away until the song was finished.

How did you create the sonics and instrumentals within "Uh-Huh" to offer the same emotional nature as your lyricism? What did your creative process look like?

I wrote this track completely on my own on my guitar. It was actually one of the easiest tracks I’ve ever recorded in the studio because I already wrote the chord progression and from there I just built around the guitar, added the beautiful strings along with the complimentary drum track. I am always at my most creative very late at night and will often just sit in my studio and flow and create until I find something that sticks.

Why did you choose to release your single, "Uh-huh," prior to your forthcoming EP 'Cocaine Love'? How does the single sonically or lyrically prepare us for the project?

Uh-Huh is my favorite track on the album and I could not wait to release it. I wasn’t actually sure on which track I should release first but I met with my PR team and we came to the decision to release Uh-Huh first as we thought it would be a good taster of the album for people and hopefully would hook them into wanting to hear more.

What sort of direction did you take with your forthcoming EP 'Cocaine Love’ and how does it contrast your first EP 'Set Fire to the Roses?'

Set fire to the roses was more of a compilation album of tracks I had written and recorded from a young age and I was still learning how to put an album together and how to release it etc. I put together the 6 tracks and just released it into the world. With Cocaine Love, I had spent many years building my experience with the studio, writing, and being a more well-rounded artist. I wrote and recorded this whole album with the same concept in mind and I wanted this album to all be cohesive and flow together. I had done a lot of research and prep time with this album to make sure I was following the right directions and going through all the correct channels to try and make the most out of my hard work and effort and I just hope people enjoy listening to my album as much as I enjoyed making it.



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