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Chasen Day Delivers Gold on Latest Release "I Don't Rap"

Commotion surrounds the soundscape as you press play on Chasen Day's latest release, "I Don't Rap." Chasen Day's methodic tone is timed perfectly with the ticking percussion and hard-hitting 808 beats. Always leaving the listener with wanting more, Day has been able to expand on his creations, taking the listener to the next level as each track drops. The expertly produced track envelopes the listener with transcendental, ambient tones, and Day's signature 808 beats propel "I Don't Rap" to a gritty and stouthearted atmosphere.

"I Don't Rap" presents confrontational and contentious themes scattered throughout his verses, unafraid to provide his honest and hard-hitting opinions through his rhymes. His natural flow is a testament to the song's title "I Don't Rap," instead, Day is giving us the facts, like them or not. Rymes like: "Quit pullin me under," "I've been hitting that trigger," and "You give me truth, and I give it right back," are a prime example of Day's precise and calculated rhymes. Through all the blunt verses, there is a moment Day takes in the track to soften his tone and shed light on what he's been missing in his life. We loved the realism Chasen Day created on "I Don't Rap," do not miss out on experiencing Day's unadulterated creation.

Discover "I Don't Rap" here.

Hello Chasen Day, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest hit "I Don't Rap." What message did you want to convey to listeners in this song? I wanted to convey the message that my music is more than just rap. I make music to speak truth about myself and the world I find myself in.  What does the creative process look like for you? Where do you draw inspiration from that you infuse into your music? My creative process usually involves solitude and writing somewhere with a nice view-smoking a lot of weed too, if I'm being truthful. I draw inspiration from my personal experiences and situations I have come through. I feel I can only speak genuinely if it comes from the life I live. "I Don't Rap" provides moments of hard-hitting truths as well as moments of softened introspectiveness. Can you tell us your mindset when you created "I Don't Rap?" Honestly, I cannot say that I had a specific thought process behind this song, But I can say that I try to communicate who I am and what is on my mind in every song that I create. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

2020 has been challenging in every sense of the word so far, but as with any difficulty, growth happens. This year I will grow as an artist and as a man so my music will grow as well. Without revealing too much, I will say to expect an EP and new visuals. I find that I get closer to myself every time I write, so I will use this year to show who Chasen Day is.



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