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Chatting With Crunkspitta About New Music And Inspiration

Welcome to Buzz Music!Can you start by telling us how you got started making music?

I started making music at a very young age I never knew it was so much you had to put in to it,I wasn't taught the ends and outs of the music industry so I did as I went along.

Who or what inspired you to start recording and releasing your tracks?

I would say all of The Hip Hop legends inspired me,I would just be rapping for hours and wonder who is listening,so I had to find a way to release and get my music in front of people and I'm still on that type of same strategy.

"RidinOff (Takin Off)" is a dope track! What was the writing process like for this one?

Actually "RidinOff ( Takin Off) took another route one night before it was recorded,I switched the beat which I got from a source at the last minute but still had the same lyrics and everything else after that ran it's course,Thanks to the producer who recorded it.

What do you hope your listeners take away from "Get Fresh Go Hard"?

It's simple Get Fresh,Go Hard,Nothing written you just got to show up and be ready,It also took some time before I can actually get that particular  record into my hands,by the way it was my first record I ever recorded,Thanks for that one you know who you are.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound,which song would you choose and why?

I would personally choose "RidinOff (Takin Off)" because it's a good song,it has like a Trap sound which I can't explain, We'll let the listeners do the judging.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows you'd like to talk about?What's next for you through the end of 2019?

I currently do not have any upcoming events or shows at the moment,I could but right now it's crazy,for the rest of the year I plan on pushing "RidinOff (Takin Off),developing my craft and work on some studio time,I have another project in the making but still working on it.2020 should be a better year for me."I just gotta keep Grindin,and Growing"......Thank you Family and Friends.

Check out Crunkspitta's new music here!


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