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Chay CEO Explains How She Stole Your Girl In Fierce New Single

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Chay CEO's love for writing was evident at an early. age. Chay CEO is the oldest child of two and was raised by a single mother. Growing up she started composing stories and poems to escape the world around her. She longed to one day own her own record company.

In pursuit of this dream, Chay CEO attended Baylor University where she studied marketing and branding. Shortly after starting completing this program, she gained more and more interest to create the artistry that she felt was lacking in the world. Once she came out to her mother as a lesbian, she has had the creative freedom to dive deeper into creating music through her unique lens of mixing R&B, Hip-Hop, and her desire to create a buzz over her college campus. 

Once Chay CEO moved to the live music capital of the world Austin, Texas, she started to work as a club promoter and focused on several romantic relationships in her spare time. These experiences gave her a diverse catalog of writing material. 

In her latest release “How I Stole Your Girl,” you are able to hear Chay CEO's unique point of view from her relationship experience. This track has a steady, and mellow groove that will instantly hook you in, a groove that leads you into the lyrics of the song where Chay CEO explains vividly about how she stole your girl.

If you're curious about how she did this, you'll need to have a listen for yourself, but beware you will have the groove stuck in your head all day. If after listening to this track you are feeling insecure that Chay CEO just might actually steal your girl, don't worry, she hosts her own podcast called "How I Stole Your Girl",  where she is able to give relationship advice on how to get and keep a woman directed to men from a lesbian's point of view. 

Chay CEO is in a constant state of evolving to ensure fans get something different every time. Her dedication to changing our culture one song, laughter, and conversation at a time makes her an artist to be on the lookout for as we enter 2021.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chay CEO. We love the confidence of the messages you are putting out! Who or what has inspired you through your creative journey of finding yourself? 

I grew up listening to R&B and Hip-Hop and our culture is full of storytellers. My favorite writer growing up was (and still is) Babyface. The way he can articulate human emotion through words and melodies uplifts my spirit in a way I can't explain. When I need inspiration, I listen to songs from the 90s to 2000s because it wasn't about a "hit it and quit it" culture, but a whole 3-4 minutes on why this girl didn't call you back, how you just want to make it work, or the four-page letter you wrote to tell someone how much you liked them.

I write about my emotions and I think that's why people relate to me because as much as we try to hide them, guard them, or suggest otherwise...we need people and will always crave love. And if my music can give you the courage to talk to that girl, get ready to go out, or even deal with the breakup, then I feel I have left a mark on this world in a positive way. I feel my writing is getting better with each project I release, so I hope as I continue to evolve, my fans can grow with me. You mentioned that you started writing poems and stories at a young age, what inspired you to start writing? Can you remember the first time you wrote a poem/song/story? Can you remember what it was about? 

I've been writing since I was 6 or 7. I remember the first poem I had published was about my being lonely (mentally). I was the oldest of 2 raised by a single mom who worked 12-18 hour shifts at the hospital. Writing was my way to get out my feelings and emotions from the day. Years later, it transferred into me being a songwriter and author. I love sharing my stories, imagination, and experiences with people, no matter the medium used. What advice do you have for young writers whose voices are trying to be heard? 

Keep writing and keep putting yourself out there. Even if you don't get any likes, comments, or shares...somebody is seeing you and appreciating your work. People have sent me random messages about how much I inspire them, and I never knew! It may not be evident at first, but you're making a difference in someone's life...Keep going!

2020 has been a tough year, have you been able to find inspiration to keep creating? What can fans look forward to hearing next from you?

Yes, I have. This year I've released two singles so far ("How I Stole Your Girl" and "Tick Tock"), put out 3 music videos in 6 weeks, creation of a podcast (entitled "How I Stole Your Girl"), and continue to write music for projects I have coming out. Art is the only way I can express myself, and with the changes going on socially, politically, and relationally, I have found myself writing more as a therapeutic release. Fans can look forward to a few projects I have going on. My podcast will continue to grow, I'm working on my next album that's due to release in early 2021, and I'm currently working on music for an upcoming indie film entitled, "My King Looks Like Me". Music is my passion and I love to hear from my fans.


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