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Check Out Darren Eugene’s Fresh Track “Rosey”

Up and coming R&B/Pop artist Darren Eugene has been writing and creating since his day as a college student. He attended Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina, but resides in Willingboro, New Jersey. Since Darren quickly realized his gift, talents and passion, he released two debut singles titled “Stay” and “Yours” in 2018. Looking to his notable influences such as Bruno Mars, Drake, and many 90’s R&B artists, Darren Eugene continues to convey a storytelling aspect through his expert lyricism.

Early May 2019, Darren Eugene dropped his spectacular track “Rosey”. With elements of trap and underlying details of old school hip-hop/R&B, Darren Eugene has an ear for excellence. “Rosey” is a trap love anthem fit for any listener. Darren Eugene slings rhymes and free flowing lyricism that tells a story of his expansive love for this girl. The title “Rosey” exemplifies the color or her cheeks or the true love that roses represent, however the listener interprets it. Darren Eugene makes crisp music and writes thriving verses that his fans can relate and vibe to. As a multi-talented and self-made success, Darren Eugene is THE artist to watch. With a track like “Rosey” and other new releases putting him on the map in a big way, we can’t wait to see what he delivers next!

Listen to “Rosey” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Darren Eugene!

Hi Darren! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and how you got started making music?

My name is Darren Eugene (real name) i know that isn’t the typical style of today’s artist but i figured why not reminds me to be my self. I am from Willingboro New Jersey the 609 we are about 1hour and a half from New York and 25 minutes from Philadelphia! I started writing music while i attended Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. I would sit in my room and write in my composition book weather  they were rhymes or feelings. I didn’t know exactly how to construct a song or notes in the proper way yet all i knew was that whatever i wrote was how i felt and what i dreamed!

What influences did you have growing up that pushed you in the direction of making your own music?

Watching American Dream (jackson 5 movie) at a young age over and over and over again Helped me make a connection to music period. I had every move and note down to a T and still do , it’s something about their music that makes me excited.   I Also i have two older brothers Zane and Justin who always had music playing some how someway and the type of music that was out in the 90s always stuck with me , the feeling i have when i hear those songs from that era is the feeling i want to give back to the masses 

What was your writing process like for “Rosey”? What inspired this track?

My process is simple but organic , i let the beat dictate where ima go, (shout out to J inc who made the beat). I actually wrote Rosey while driving to work and while at work.  All my records sound different but they are all about love in some type of way and i felt i needed that radio ready type song that will appeal to anybody. The word Rosey is my own little phrase i use and it just means “Hot” “dope” “good” for example if a lady had some nice kicks on i would say oh “They Rosey”.  That’s why i put roses in all my captions and pictures because Everything is Rosey . 

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to talk about?

I have a couple shows coming up In New Jersey New York and Los Angeles those dates will be released on my Instagram!.

What’s next for you Darren Eugene?

Next be on the lookout for my new single Honest . It has a 90s feel to it so everybody around my way in Willingboro is dressing up in 90s gear and we will be a the basketball courts catching a awesome vibe. I can not wait for you guys to hear it. 


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