Check Out Edge Of Paradise's Song And Music Video "Mystery"

Formed by Monet and Bates in 2011, Edge of Paradise is a captivating band that does nothing but take you hostage into their musical world of intellectual creation and edgy badass vibe. Their single “Mystery” was a gorgeous, evocative and haunting song that hypnotizes you in all the correct ways music is supposed to hypnotize. The song starts off in the beginning with the lead vocalist singing to the melodic keys of the piano with her high falsetto, beautifully eerie, whisper-like vocals. The song takes a climax with introduction to the drums along with her voice transitioning from soft, to a more firm diversity of vocals before letting out her full belt in the hook. Soon as the full band production comes into play, the song turns more from a musical piece to a musical journey. You get kidnapped into the sound of an euphonious story. It’s eccentric, anomalous and peculiar and we loved every quality of it! If you wanted to create a visual to the song you can even check out the video released to the song which shows the band playing and the vocalist singing directly to the camera with smoke around her which gives off an increase of enchanted vibes. The song is super dope, creative with an underlying message in the lyrics for the fans and listeners to decode for themselves. This band is no stranger to the charts either! Their sophomore album “IMMORTAL WALTZ” produced by legendary Michael Waegner received great reviews from critics worldwide and even debuted at #2 most added on the CMG radio and scoring the top 20 on the US Metal Charts! We feel like this single will be no different to the success of this band.

Listen to Edge Of Paradise here.

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