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Check Out Highdiver’s New Release “The Skies And The Sea”

Highdiver was formed in Chicago in 2017. The group sets out to combine elements of Shoegaze, Alternative, Metal and Pop music to create a sonic landscape that will get stuck in your head. Their unique and precise sound will have you hypnotized from start to finish. Highdiver reminds me of heavier version of Smashing Pumpkins with their addictive guitar riffs and accomplished lyricism. Their debut EP “Dual Control” is proof of this.

“The Skies And The Sea” is the band’s latest single and I’m blasting in through my speakers. The dedication to craft in the detail is admirable. Infectious and vivid music fused with awakening lyrics and skilled musicians. Highdiver brings high energy and an indefinitely loud testimony to the magic of the underground scene.  Layered guitars, ground breaking vocals and deliberate drums give “The Skies And The Sea” a transporting feeling. Painting a soundscape in your mind, Highdiver allows the listener to escape into an alternate reality and live in the music. The heavy breaks during the chorus when the vocalist belts, “I know you well” are the true highlight of this track. It focuses energy on Highdiver’s versatility and expansive knowledge in music. Don’t miss out on checking out “The Skies And The Sea” by Highdiver because it will not disappoint. We can’t wait to see what the intoxicating and fresh band has to offer next!

Listen to “The Skies And The Sea” here and get to know more about Highdiver below!

What’s the meaning behind “The Skies And The Sea”?

"The Skies and the Sea" is essentially a love song. I (Richie Pistol) wrote it about my fiancee. The Skies and the Sea represent us as two different people coming together.

What challenges did you face while writing this track? How did you overcome them?

This was the first song in which we decided to use a 3 part vocal harmony, which can be heard in the chorus. At first it was challenging using all 3 of our voices at once and making it sound good but eventually figured it out.

What’s your stage presence like for someone who has never seen you perform live?

Although we have elements of Shoegaze in our music we try to be as lively and engaing on stage as possible, also people have told us that we're pretty loud.

Can we expect a full album in the future?

Our full debut album "Dual Control" will be out later this year, currently talking to some independent labels about releasing it but we'll see what happens with that.


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