Check Out Jkev Music’s Full-Length Debut Album “Locked Room”

Jkev Music is a successful music producer and artist based in Calgary, Canada. Working with artists from all over North America including Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver, Jkev has made quite a name for himself in his active years. Also classically trained on piano and violin, Jkev is paving his way as a well-established artist. 

While there’s a definite edge of contemporary electronic hip-hop styles and sounds in “Locked Room” Ft. $tray Dawg, Jkev Music utilizes this to gain an audience’s interest. The music helps create a level of individuality that you start to recognize as being the calling card of this artist. “Locked Room” has a smooth, subtle manner in which the whole thing pours through. Nothing flashy or overpowering is needed, the single works on the strength of its own rhythm and intention, and that seems to be the key for Jkev Music. The verses throughout “Locked Room” feel familiar and accessible, Jkev Music makes sure to spit rhymes and ideas precisely and naturally. His flow varies just enough so throughout the performance to let you know there’s skill and purpose behind it all, and that works well as he furthers the familiarity of his sound and his name. Stay tuned for more from Jkev Music.

Check out Jkev Music’s brand new song “Locked Room” Ft. $tray Dawg here and read more below in our exclusive interview! 


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jkev Music! We're incredibly excited to feature "Locked Room"! It's a genuine and honest track that we feel the utmost love for. Where did you draw the inspiration from to curate such a song?

Glad to be back! I got my inspiration for this song when I was dealing with trying to find who I was supposed to be. 

We can imagine you've been told time and time again how incredible your voice is, but we just had to say it again. Did your vocal flow come naturally, or was it crafted over time?

My vocal style has definitely been crafted over time, but my melodies come in and out all the time. That part always came naturally to me. 

Can you tell us the predominant message behind "Locked Room"? How did you feel writing/recording the track, and how did you intend your listeners to feel?

Locked Room depicts me stuck between who I want to be versus who I actually am. The example of “the piano out of tune” represents who I am. A piano that has been abandoned for something else, but when I play it, it’s telling me that there’s purpose in it’s broken state. I felt good about recording the track because I was able to break out of my shell and finally be myself without putting on a mask. 

I wanted my listeners to feel the same way. Be who you are and don’t let the walls of hate and rejection stop you for being who you are. 

How did your collaboration with $tray Dawg come to fruition? Can you listeners expect more projects together in the future?

$tray Dawg (Levi Harder) is my closest friend and brother. We have made numerous tracks together. All I had to do was ask! He will be featured on many tracks in the future. 

Thanks so much for chatting with us once again! How does living in Calgary feed your musical passion on the daily? Do you find that the music culture inspires you and your music?

Living in Calgary and being in music is both a hard but thrilling job. There isn’t really a big music scene in Calgary so you get a lot of inspiration by inspiring a music scene. 

What can we expect to see from you next as 2019 comes to an end?

My debut album dropped in September so I’m always creating new music. I might release a few tracks before the years end in preparation for a Huge 2020! So stay tuned!


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