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Check Out Multi-Talented Artist David Lei Brandt’s Latest Release “Girlfriend”

Los Angeles native David Lei Brandt, is a multi talented producer/singer/songwriter/dancer with a four octave range. In 2007, he started his music career by becoming a member of VFC (Varsity Fanclub), an international pop group signed to Capitol Records. VFC collaborated with a number of high-profile producers and shared the stage with many high-profile acts (Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls, Jordan Sparks). Following the split of the group in 2010, he became a primary background dancer for Lady Gaga. He spent the next 6 years performing alongside her involving two world tours, music videos, and Award shows. It was at the end of the Art Pop Ball, when Lady Gaga gave him her microphone and allowed him to sing a part of her song, that David knew it was time to return to music as an artist. Ending his career as a background dancer with the 2017 Super Bowl, he spent the next two years perfecting his craft and sound. Now living in Berlin, Germany David is gearing up for the release of his EP “Good Guy Off Track”, which will debut in 2019.

“Girlfriend” boasts classic R&B vibes layered with modern catchy hip-hop waves. David Lei Brandt expertly recites spectacular verses. He showcases superior vocal ability and effortless flow. Bringing a new sound to the contemporary urban pop scene, David’s high energy and confident delivery of every word is contagious. This addictive track “Girlfriend” will have you thinking of your boo while you vibe along to every beat. David’s edginess and emotive power is evident through “Girlfriend”. The addition of Cullen Bonham skilled rap verse is refreshing and adds a finely-tune grit to a powerhouse track.  It’s no surprise that we can hear David’s confidence and approachable attitude come through the speakers. With his edgy personality and years of experience David Brandt is sure to make anybody fall in love. 

Check out “Girlfriend” here and read more with David Lei Brandt below!  

Hey David! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What age did you start recording your music? Did anyone give you a push to begin doing that?

I have been recording music since I was a kid. I was always fascinated with creating chords. My grandmother was an incredible piano player who sang as well. I always grew up watching her play in church. 

Tell us more about “Girlfriend”! What’s your favorite part of the track? 

Well, GIRLFRIEND, is about the time I met my  current girlfriend. Lol. Literally inspired the song. All of my music I wrote from true facts about my life and where am at in the moment. My fav part is the throw back *NSYNC vibe I put in the prehook. 

What was your childhood/ upbringing into music like?

My parents use to put headphones on my mothers belly when she was pregnant and would play various types of music depending on the mood of the day. They say it contributes a lot. I always grew up dancing in the corner and singing. I feel like a combination of everything just led to the inevitable. 

How does your sound differ and compare to some of your earlier releases?

I def would say the my current sound reflects more of my personality with who I am compared to last music. I think it’s important for every artist to know who they are and what they want to say to the world. We’re all unique... so just the world you.  

What can your fans expect from “Good Guy Off Track”?

Um... well... haha. I’m trying something new.  Instead of releasing it as one package, I’m releasing it through singles. It still tells the story I wanted to portray, but so much has happened with my life in a short amount of time that I thought it best this way. 


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