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Check Out The Debtors Debut Single, “Not Me” Out Now!

Made up of four members is the eclectic and fun-loving rock band The Debtors. Straight out of Lafayette, Louisiana, The Debtors strive to create music that makes the listeners want to get up and move! They brighten days with their upbeat tempos, catchy vibes, and addicting lyrics.

The Debtors recently released their debut single “Not Me” and I’m blown away! Layered with catchy guitar riffs, precise and effortless drumming, and pitch perfect vocals, it’s a guaranteed toe-tapping hit. The lyricism is light-hearted enough for the tempo and theme of the song but intricate enough to keeping you listening and interpreting every word in your own way. “I’m finally done with being victimized” is a lyric that stands out to me. I always appreciate subtle realizations within songs. I’m really honed in on the overall tone of the vocals and enjoying the ups and downs as The Debtors show off their power and range. At 2:18 we’re blessed with the most flawless guitar solo I’ve heard in this era. The Debtors are truly dedicated to spreading music that encourages movement and dancing. The level of excellence and finely-calibrated sound arrangements is astounding for an up and coming rock band. The Debtors have had an explosive debut into the music industry and have set the bar high for what’s next to come. Stay on the lookout!

Listen to “Not Me” here and keep scrolling down for our exclusive interview with The Debtors!

Hi guys! Can you start off by introducing yourselves/ what role you play within The Debtors?

Casey Umphries: vocalist/bass

Kyle McMahon: guitarist 

Brandon Bourque: guitarist 

Cole Stafford: drums

How did you all meet? How was The Debtors formed?

Cole Stafford and I (Casey Umphries) we’re friends for quite a few years. Cole was good friends with Kyle McMahon. One day I called Cole and told him I wanted to form a band, and asked him if he would be serious about starting something like this. I knew he played the drums, and I played bass/vocals, so all we needed was a guitarist. I asked Cole if he knew anyone, and he said I know just the guy. A week later, Cole, Kyle, and I met in Coles tool shed in his backyard and have been playing together ever since! However. We felt like there was something definitely missing. There was an emptiness in every time we played. We knew we needed another guitarist to fill that in. We went through 2 guitarist before we met our darling child, Brandon. And now it’s the four of us trying to make it in one of theworlds hardest industries! Stay tuned

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics in your debut track “Not Me”?

I (Casey Umphries) once dated a girl(of course) who was absolutely stunning. Until she reduced her life to hardcore drugs, and became very sick, and hardly recognizable. I was beginning to follow her down that road because I felt as if I had to. For her. But luckily I’ve always had people/friends well above the influence who guided me out of the life style. She unfortunately never made it out of that. We met again randomly 5 years later and talked for maybe 2-3 minutes. She wanted to bring up past things, but all I could honestly tell her was that I was doing fine, and looking forward. 

What artists/bands would you say influence your sound?

Hippo Campus

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Young the Giant 

Can we expect an EP from you guys soon?

Our Ep “Anonymous” Will be available everywhere June 7th! 


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