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Check Out The Explosive New Rock Hit “Los Angeles” By Schizodolls

Schizodolls is a punk/rock band residing in Greece. Comprised of four members: the founder and lead vocalist Zoe Evag, the incredible guitarist Yuri Mauro, the precise drummer Kostas Sal  and the 17 year old bass player Eleni K. Schizodolls have a timeless rock sound fused with a gritty and grungy backing. Their influences include Nirvana, Soundgarden, Sex Pistol and many more 90’s Seattle and LA rock bands. Schizodolls are extremely well known in Greece for their absolutely explosive live performances and high ener stage presence. Schizodolls have performed alongside Greek bands with success such as, Nightstalker and Vodka Juniors.nSchizodolls have so far released two singles titled, “Schizomom” and “Los Angeles” from their upcoming album.

“Los Angeles” is a heavy punk/rock song about the narcissism within LA itself. Schizodolls strive to create music about mental illnesses, difficult times, and any human struggle. Within the track “Los Angeles” the vocalist sings “It's a philosophy, it's hypocrisy, it's LA”, to describe how the band felt on their very own visit to LA. The track “Los Angeles concludes with the line “But then again there's a Rock'n'Roll soul, Morrisson, Lemmy, Kurt, hello. So take me back to LA…”. The deliberately 90’s rock sound with have you head banging along to the riot anthem “Los Angeles”. Classic legendary rock sounds such as the repeated high hat and raspy and powerful vocals are a timeless addition to a killer rock song. I think the Schizodolls have a sound that’s finely-calibrated well beyond their years. Zoe Evag has a special talent in her songwriting abilities and vocal range, she sounds like a fusion between Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin. The entire collective of Schizodolls share an amazing chemistry that is evident through the speakers. Overall “Los Angeles” is an incredible indication for what’s to come from their newest album.

Check out “Los Angeles” here. Read more below in our exclusive interview with Schizodolls.

Hi Schizodolls! Can you tell us more about how you started as a band and how you know each other?

Kostas Sal, the band's drummer, and Zoe Evag, the band's singer, used to play together in another band, named The Killer Teddy Bear, that did mostly covers, but they had written many songs and they wanted to play their own material. After the break up of that band, they met the guitarist Yuri Mauro and they figured that it could finally happened. Kostas is also the owner of a music school and decided to try as a bass player of the new band Eleni K, who was the most talented of the school's students and knew very well the punk-rock-grunge genre, since her father was also a musician and used to play in many experimental new wave bands in the 80s. We did our first rehearsal and we hit it off right from the beginning, since we finished three songs in a heartbeat! The rest... is history! 

Who are you biggest musical influences?

Zoe grew up listening to 90s Seattle and Los Angeles Rock 'n' Roll scene bands, like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and many more, and is also a big fan of Chris Cornell. Kostas and Yuri were 90s children, so they have the same influences, but they are also into classic rock, listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, AC DC, but also hard rock bands, like Motorhead (who doesn't like Motorhead?), Black Sabbath, DIO and many more. Eleni is... into pretty much everything! The music knowledge of that girl is totally awesome for a 17-year-old!She prefers punk rock but loves bands like Gorillaz, Three Days Grace and Blink 182 as well. Also a major influence on all the band's members are The Stooges and the simplicity of their music.

What's the writing process like as a group?

Usually Kostas or Zoe write the songs in a simple form (also Yuri wrote one song), with just a guitar playing the main melody, and then Kostas does most of the arrangements before we rehearse. Then we work on that material in the rehearsals and we fix it as we think it should finally sound like. Till now this process has been the easiest for us and since it works, we don't change the recipe. 

What’s the rock/grunge music scene like in Greece?

In Greece the Rock 'n' Roll scene is very strong, with very successful bands that play all over Europe, but mostly stoner rock, like Nightstalker, Planet of Zeus, 1000 Mods, and also the great punk rockers Vodka Juniors. The only problem is that, even those bands play in front of 3.000 to 5.000 people in big gigs, as the greek mass media mostly support pop, folk or trap music.

Actually, we have opened 2 concerts for Nightstalker and Vodka Juniors so far and it was fucking great, we are definitely waiting to play with those great guys and musicians again! 

When can we expect your new album? What’s the title?

The title is... Schizodolls and you can expect great Rock 'n' Roll songs, heavy riffs, drums that can make your heart explode, bass that can make your face melt and vocals straight out of the darkest places of Zoe's soul. Listen to it and you will definitely enjoy it!


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