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Check Out The High Energy Hip-hop Track “Giant Steps” By Saegin Geum

Back again and better than ever, BuzzMusic is happy to present Saegin Geum for the second time this year. An artist who focuses on positivity and God, Saegin hopes to empower all of listeners through his expert lyricism and catchy tunes. Saegin Geum is always bending genres and changing the music industry one track at a time.

 Fresh off his newest release, Saegin Geum's “Giant Steps” is inspired by John Coltrane’s legendary sound. Saegin expertly remixed his sound to create his own authentic acapella arrangement and added original instrumentals. The hip-hop beat and 808 bass add the finishing touches to “Giant Steps”. The song is a bragging anthem about the progress Saegin has made in just 6 months since his explosive debut. He weaves through jazzy and catchy backbeats and emotive lyricism about coping with not being recognized and staying humble, to remembering to stay on track and know that God has a plan for him. Saegin Geum knows that anything is possible and his come up is underway. Saegin has been taking “Giant Steps” throughout his entire career ad is showing no signs of slowing down now. Saegin's main goal is to motivate his listeners to take their own “Giant Steps” in their life. Saegin strives to create relatable music that his fans can interpret in their own ways.

Check out “Giant Steps” here.


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