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Check Out This Sexy New Single “Ven Hacia Mi” By Cristian Ivan Herrera

Cristian Ivan Herrera is a talented vocalist and writer. From Daca Dreamer to life achiever, his latin flare and ear for what the fans want to hear make him the next artist to be on the lookout for! Not only is Cristian talented but he’s well educated. Before truly pursuing his passions (music, performing, cinematography) he worked hard to attain an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences and BA in Film & Television Media Studies from Cal State LA. His life motto is perseverance and his hard work has clearly paid off.

Cristian dropped his debut single “Ven Hacia Mi” and we’re hooked! The addictive back beat and energy has me dancing in my seat. “Ven Hacia Mi” translates to “Come To Me”, which gives this hot track the seductive vibe we’re craving. It’s the perfect fusion of English/ Spanish lyrics. Cristian vocals are precise and clear while still managing to stay fresh and flow perfectly. I love about half-way through the track when the beat softens along with Cristian’s voice and it reaches a trance like sound before dropping the intoxicating beat once again. “It’s a feeling of ecstasy, be my world astronomy” is one of the finely-calibrated lines in “Van Hacia Mi” that promotes getting lost in this journey of music and great feelings together. “Cristian’s talent is so evident and as if the song wasn’t proof enough, he let us know he wrote this song in one Wednesday night! He was overwhelmed with school, recorded vocals by myself and got in touch with a producer who gave him the killer beat. “Ven Hacia Mi” will easily be the hottest track of the summer for a long time.

Listen to “Ven Hacia Mi”here and get to know more about Cristian Ivan Herrera below!

Hi Cristian! We love the track Can you start by tell our readers more about yourself?

Cristian Ivan Herrera is my name, a passionate and creative soul. After obtaining an education and working non stop, I decided to follow my passions. I have so much to say yet have no voice, music gives me that voice. A natural antidepressant fueled by creativity. I use my skills to freelance and drive Lyft on spare time to fund my craft. Hard work & sacrifice will pay off one day. I am completely independent. This is the start of something great, I am a fetus when it comes to my artistry, learning and growing everyday. I believe those who search find and those who want obtain. I am searching for my own unique sound in order to obtain a career. There’s no growth without critique, I’m ready to grow. So what’s your input?


How did you manage to write such a hot track in one night!?

Manifestation through Meditation. I remember I had just finished writing “Day of the Dead” another beautiful melody I’m yet to get produced (stay tuned) & I just starting saying “Ven Hacia mi” in melody I was referring to “come to me” ideas, balance, peace, abundance, love.  The things I essentially want. From there my mind simplified it by focusing on a soulmate. Ironic because I’m yet to feel that way about anyone, everything at it’s given time. It’s time to create and be heard. I’ll be loved later. The hunger of wanting to prove myself that I’m capable of being who I dream to be pushed me to write Ven Hacia Mi  in a matter of hours. It’s a hunger I’ll always keep no matter what I accomplish. It’s like gasoline on a car. Fuel for my craft. 

Can you tell us more of the lyrics/ meaning behind the song?

The song title, Ven Hacia Mi means come close to me. The song speaks of how I essentially wish to feel towards my yet to be found soulmate as if that person was in-front of me already . Singing it into existence. I speak of Telepathy, undeniable attraction of souls. The speaking intro to the song, speaks of being only for that person and how looking into their eyes ends my sorrows. On the first English verse Galileo Galilei was the inspiration. Hence my mentioning of astrology, astronomy, & being convicted of heresy. I go against a lot of norms by nature & this love/ attraction fantasy I’m singing about is so passionate that I too should be convicted of heresy. It then says “what we have here is telepathy which destroys all of our agonies just by thinking of each other” It also speaks of how “our souls together burn like flames” we have the hots for each other, a slight case of Hormone-itis due to attraction. It  made more sense in spanish and sounded sexy.  The second English verse is the lust that comes with this soulmate, a massive desire that has me so hot I need water, & I switch languages back and forth because many of us Latinos naturally and subconsciously do that when speaking regularly. I’m basically saying “let’s do this you and me, let’s dance, with rhythm, no room for stress when we are together” in Spanglish. Imagine feeling that way? Can’t relate; Will relate Some people say love is painful hence my passionate run towards the end of the song. I was like “this sound gives me Dubai vibes and I see my extra self in a desert with sand blowing, camera on an Aerial spinning shot, I’m yelling my heart out for the video.” That vision inspired the vocal run on minute 2.34 I’ll soon be looking for sugar mamas or daddy’s funding fathers or mothers. J.k but I do need financial support to bring those visions to life, you pay for what you get and I want quality. Donations are accepted, I accept it all but EBT! Just kidding, not really. 

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration?

I don’t want to be anybody out there, I want to be the first Cristian Ivan Herrera. Artists expand beyond music. Michael Angelo’s attention to detail on his sculptures even though it’s unrelated to music, inspires me on anything I do, he crafted perfection. Michael Jackson’s performance ability, cinematography on videos and vocal passion on his records. Madonnas ability to tackle any genre, changing her image completely and the longitude of her career (she’s even doing Spanglish now, you go girl) no care in the world. Stephanie Germanota known as Lady Gaga she’s a vocal powerhouse and passionate performer, her flamboyant style keeps you guessing what’s to come, her performances always leave me inspired. I too want to give you a sense of less history more mystery like the icons mentioned. I will aspire to keep you wanting more with attention to detail on wardrobe, sets & one day amazing performances. Impecable cinematography and concepts for my videos. Choreography and ever evolving sound to keep me alive in the competitive world of music. I want to do some songs in Portuguese maybe mixed with some English and Spanish, full English songs like “Day of the Dead” a haunting gem I’m saving to produce, I also want a pop song, a ballad, I want to have a little for everybody yet remaining true to myself, you’ll know it’s me when you hear me, stay tuned. To summarize, a variety of artists artistry is my inspiration. 

When can the fans expect more releases?

I just finished recording my second song, & will be released soon. Aiming for mid May- early June. I need to save and do a photo shoot to match the awesomeness of the track or else it would be out tomorrow.  It’s such a vibe, it’s sexy, catchy, less cheesy more nasty and also in Spanglish. I play with different tempos and styles, can’t wait to share it. It’s the sound of tomorrow. Join me in my journey and follow me on any streaming service under “Cristian Ivan Herrera” let’s make history  


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