Check Out Up And Comer N3FS’ Latest Track “Criss Xross”

N3FS (pronounced Nefs) is a 19 year old rapper from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Honing in on his craft since the third grade, N3FS has established his unique style from the ground up. He raps about real life and his truth and experiences. Don’t be fooled by the contemporary hip-hop sound, his bars contain heavy subject matter and relatable lessons for everyone to vibe to. He’s made many sacrifices to pursue this dream so you can truly hear the passion in the music. 

N3FS recently released his newest banger “Criss Xross”  and I’m bumping it on repeat. He’s got the talent and ear for savory beats to excel in this game. “Criss Xross” reeks of self confidence is about his journey to the top, speeding by the same-old mainstream sound on his way up. His energy truly shines in this retrospective track that lets us explore N3FS’ inner thoughts. “Criss Xross”  is in your face and unapologetic with a twist. Experimental and authentic, “Criss Xross” highlights the retro and modern fusion of sounds behind N3FS’ bars. The production quality is incomparable and the back beat is addicting and mellow. I’m adding “Criss Xross” to my summer playlist and I highly recommend you do the same. Stay on the lookout for N3FS!

Listen to “Criss Xross” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi N3FS! Can you start by telling our readers and fans about your upbringing into music? When did you realize it was your passion?

I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can even remember, I started writing songs in like 3rd grade. When I was in 7th grade I heard GKMC for the first time and that’s where I really started developing my own music taste as opposed to just listening to the music my momma and family members were listening to. I realized it was my passion when I was in college and I was locking myself in my dorm not even going to the class and just recording all day and night. I dropped out that semester to pursue my career.

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics of “Criss Xross”? How do you want listeners to interpret this track?

Criss Xross is a track that I made to really show my versatility. I want to bridge the gap between lyrical music and lit music without going short on either one. I want the listeners to see the lyricism and wordplay while also being able to violently nod their head at the same time lol.

Who are your top three musical influences? Why?

My top 3 influences are Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, and J Cole. While you may not be able to hear the influence through me, they played a big part in me learning how to sharpen my pen game and storytelling. If you go through my catalog, most of my other songs have whole stories incorporated you just gotta listen hard enough.

What challenges have you faced as an up and coming artist? How have you overcome those challenges?

The biggest challenge I have faced is not really having the support or the social media presence to really grow my audience. I’m only 19 and this is only the beginning though! I’m very confident that the older I get and the better I get, I will find my audience and be able to do big things with the opportunities I get.

What’s next for you?

At the moment, I’m working on my project “Escape Matrix” and music videos for Criss Xross, Psycho, More, Winter, and possibly No ceiling pt.2.


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