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Check Out Venture Klan’s EP “We Good” Here!

Venture Klan is a Harlem based rap duo comprised of Ave Campbell and BukDaWorld. They have established a way to fuse elements found within the New York City hip-hop scene with their own authentic sound to create a style that is original but leaves listeners with a sense of familiarity. Through the use of hard-hitting, gritty instrumentals and lyricism combined with contrasting cadences and a countless supply of anime/ pop culture references, Venture Klan is able to tell their story as two young men who embody the spirit of Harlem while adding something new to the mix. Venture Klan’s EP “We Good” was released July 2018 and we can’t get enough!

The first track on the EP titled “Blitz 2000” showcases the refreshing duo’s eclectic musical stylings. A hard-hitting hip-hop beat starts the explosive track off to an addicting start. “Blitz 2000” fuses contemporary hip-hop and electronic synths to make this introduction a hit! It talks about Venture Klan’s personal experiences and truth. The EP transitions into “Goodness Gracious” and we’re instantly hooked, the heavily instrumental track is hypnotizing and pure. It’s unlike anything we’ve heard before, we love the high energy and heavy backbeat. It’s about being grateful for everything we have in this life. The expert bars and flawless lyricism make this an authentic and timeless hit. 

Next up on the EP is “Tsukuyomi”, a lyrically deep single that focuses on storytelling elements and leans towards a unique R&B vibe. Venture Klan recites prolific rhymes and sultry lyrics. They fuse dark synth pop with alluring instrumentals and a hip-hop sound to keep us hooked. A haunting R&B track with hard-hitting bass and a heavy and dark melody “Tsukuyomi” proves to be a more vulnerable and laidback side of Venture Klan. “Favorite Song” is the song of the summer, any year. The high energy and piano laden hip-hop track is all about true boss women. The song spreads positive energy for all women to vibe along to. Venture Klan’s track “Favorite Song” is empowering and nothing but a good time. 

“Bitcoin” is a track that's all about the hustle and the money and we’re living for it. The backbeat and production is experimental and refreshingly original. Every bar is catchy and the hook is guaranteed to be stuck in your head after bumping this track. “Pressure” combines a diverse and genre-bending sound with contemporary flow and lyrics. Venture Klan weaves through their intricate outlooks on life. You won’t be able to stop vibing along. Approaching the EP’s finale, “Harlem” is a heavy and truthful track with a strong lyrical presence. All about “Harlem”, Venture Klan introduces this retrospective track to their listeners and we’re blown away. To conclude the high energy EP, Venture Klan ends it off with the psychedelic sounds of “Reach”. The powerhouse duo Venture Klan  has continuously proven themselves to be a diverse and experimental project. This EP is sure to be an absolute success, Venture Klan has the fan-base, talent, ambition and confidence to rise to the top. Their textured deliver, emotive lyrics and polished musical arrangements make them instant legends and the one to watch!

Stay tuned for new music in the near future, but in the meantime you can check out their EP “We Good” here! Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Venture Klan.

Hey Venture Klan! We love your EP “We Good” ! Can you talk about the overall theme of the EP?

The overall theme of the project is growth. The project serves to showcase everything we've learned and experienced during the time since our previous project. We went through changes to our group and our personal lives and that's reflected in the music.

During the creation of the EP, what was your time like in the studio? Is this when you saw the EP come to life?

Studio sessions were always interesting. Most of the sessions were spent telling jokes and having random conversations completely unrelated to music. We had a large pool of songs to choose from but the EP didn't truly come to life until we decided on what to name it.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

We want the listeners to hear a Venture Klan song and feel that they can relate to the experience of people who they've never met before while still being able to vibe out to the songs.

What track on the EP would you say made you channel the most emotion when creating it and why?

The song that made us channel the most emotion is "Pressure". That song reflects the high demands of adulthood and the difficulty of balancing that with the struggles of chasing your dreams. There's an added emotional layer to the song because all of the lyrics are based on our actual life experiences.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows you’d like to talk about? We're excited to hear what you're working on!

On August 17th we're throwing our 3rd Annual VentureMania event at the Dwyer Cultural Center in Harlem, NYC. Its a huge concert/ networking event for all creatives and fans. We have a few artists performing alongside us and a pop up shop featuring some local small businesses.


Keep up with Venture Klan through their socials!


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