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Rising Artist Zero Kares Releases Heart Clenching Song "99"

Based in California, singer/songwriter Zero Kares has led an unpredictable life of emotion and emotionless events that made him feel like he wasn't meant to shine in this world. Zero Kares main focus is his son Eliijah, he wants to be a positive influence and show him that anything is possible. Everything that he is today is something he was not before. Zero Kares life motto is “Love to Love” and he wants to spread that message to the world. He breaks walls. He confronts fears. He is always searching for ways to become better and better and meet people who he can give love to. Expect music that will make you feel new emotions and fall in love with Zero Kares.

Zero Kares is dropping some fantastic rhymes in this laid-back track “99” that has beats that are easy to jam to and have a touch of eeriness to them that help paint a picture. If you listen to the story that is being drawn through the lyrics and the emotion that can be heard with each note as they slowly intensify you can really get a snapshot of what Zero Kares is trying to convey. “Zero Kares” has an alluring energy to his tracks. I’m a big fan of rap songs that capture the artist’s meaning like “99” does, and how the different layers of this track show off the talent and finesse that Zero Kares is capable of. Overall “99” is a track that you don’t want to stop listening to and that will get your head bobbing. Stay on the lookout!

Check out “99” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!


Can you tell us more about yourself and your upbringing in to music?

I was born in India and came to United States when I was 6 Years old. Moved from New York to Texas to California. Iv always loved music as long as I can remember but something more was the fact that I felt so negative about everything I had. Like my looks, my talents, my parents...I felt like I had been given no type of advantage to be anyone that people would notice in life. All the way up to college I was the same. My son was born when I was 18 and he put many of things in perspective to me. He was the only one that loved me unconditionally besides my parents. I hustled my whole life to make money after dropping out of school. I was actually very smart and i knew how to make money in ways most people couldn't ever imagine. But it wasn't about the money for me. In my mind...all i could think of was...."I want to do the impossible."

Not something impossible for people in general but something "impossible" only for me. Something I thought I could never be because I was brought into this world with what seemed like the worst disadvantage. In my mind...that was to be a music artist. Believe it or not I knew I had a better chance of becoming a astronaut or be a Elon Musk type genius then be a singer/song writer. So, I decided to start my journey to make music and keep hustling until I become what I thought was impossible. Make music, emotions, faces, smiles, tears, friends, family, anything else I thought I could never make...I'd make it all with music somehow. So you might wonder where I'm at now? At this current stage I'm still a indie artist that barely anyone knows about but iv make enough unreleased songs that are all amazing.. I discovered I can smile in certain ways I never could..iv made friends I never thought I could and my son loves all my music. So yea I'm making the "impossible" a reality and I will continue to do so until I die.

What keeps you inspired to write?

Basically what I said in the above paragraph. My son, my dream to do the impossible, and my love of making music my way.

What’s the meaning behind “99”?

"99" is a song about how no matter if my life is telling me that there is a 99% chance of me failing at whatever I'm trying to get...the 1% chance to succeed is more than enough for me to go after it or die trying.

What would be your dream collaboration?

I would love to do a song with "DEAN".

For someone who has never seen you perform, how would you describe your live set and energy on stage?

Haha I haven't done any live shows besides open mic nights so you really cant get too rowdy. But I know if my music playing...the energy gonna be immeasurable and Im gonna be making sure everyone in the audience is feeling what Im feeling when I hear the song I'm performing. Pure energy & emotions.


Connect with Zero Kares via the artists Instagram & Twitter.


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