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Check Your "Vitals," After Listening to Tea Sea's Heartfelt Offering

Norfolk, VA-born Odenton, MD-residing artist Tea Sea made his debut in 2018 with his independent mixtape, ‘Kaleidoscope Jellyfish.’ Before his debut, he was a spoken word poet, performing at events such as the 2012 Festival Internationale de Louisiane and publishing his lyrics in poetry anthologies.

The 2020 lockdown may have dampened Tea Sea’s plans to take his collection of meta-poetry-wielding tracks to live stages, but it hasn’t hindered his creativity, as seen by his string of successful 2021 releases. By taking influence from artists such as Kid Cudi, Future, and Lil Wayne as well as video games, manga, and anime, his sound naturally boasts a vivid and psychedelic color palette.

Approaching a harmonious R&B meets Trap ambiance with utter charisma, Tea Sea sends thought-provoking lyrics through your speakers with his recent release of “Vitals.”

His alluring presence is grasped in his ability to make you feel his music in a way that has him leaps and bounds above the rest. Inducing a poignant wave of emotions to come over you in one fell swoop his lyrical dexterity is accompanied by his tantalizing timbres that walk the line of melodic rap.

Doused in passion, “Vitals,” pumps energy into our spirits as the soothing atmosphere conjured up elevates us with an amplified sense of keenness. The narrative behind “Vitals,” was inspired by Tea Sea’s encounter with a woman who stimulated feelings in his being that he had never previously felt. By bringing life to the sides of love that leave people feeling exposed and unnerving, Tea Sea has his audience wading in the pool of his heart-rending quintessence.

Delicate with the smooth vocalization that overflows from Tea Sea, his messaging is prevalent in the way his music is acknowledged. As we await the next infectiously hard-hitting groove from Tea Sea, we’ll put “Vitals” on loop to feed our mindset.



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