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Chelsea Silva Triumphantly Returns For Her Rousing Sophomore Single “Frontline”

The Australian songstress shines just as brightly on her follow-up to the powerful “Hades Has a Daughter.”

Chelsea Silva is a rising indie-pop artist from Sydney, Australia.

Utterly true to herself and her artistic vision, Chelsea Silva is known for seamlessly blending the beauty and horror of life, drawing from personal experiences, and expressing her truth. Defined by an artistic honesty that is both rare and inspiring, Chelsea Silva's music is like a breath of fresh air. We can't wait to see what's in store for her.

Working with well-respected producers Paul Aidan and David Skeet, who were instrumental in the production of her debut single "Hades Has A Daughter," Chelsea continues to push the boundaries of her art with her follow-up "Frontline." This dynamic partnership will continue to collaborate on future releases, making it clear that Chelsea is not one to shy away from experimentation and evolution in her music and that good music will be coming for a long time.

The latest product of Chelsea's creative muse, "Frontline," is a powerful guitar-driven ballad that delves into the complexities of mental illness and the ongoing battle for freedom and control over one's body and mind. It embodies everything we've come to expect from Chelsea Silva.

Lyrics like "If the words I say were written on my skin / Would I be kinder or be silent for a long time" capture Silva's inner turmoil. Yet, lines like "Be careful of the underground / What we don't know is dangerous" may be melancholy on the surface, but it is a defiance and strength that is hidden in the darkness. Chelsea is all about nuance, and balanced by Chelsea's rich and dynamic vocal style, "Frontline" perfectly captures feelings of melancholy delicately balanced by resolve and inner strength.

Chelsea Silva's "Frontline" is a powerful follow-up to her explosive debut "Hades has a Daughter." With her powerful voice and raw, honest lyrics, Chelsea is an artist you want to watch out for in the future.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Chelsea. After “Hades has a Daughter,” I guess it’s no surprise we loved “Frontline” too! We have to ask, what was the inspiration this time behind “Frontline?"

Thank you so much for having me back! I am so glad you loved it; thank you! It truly warms my heart. The inspiration behind "Frontline" was during a very low point in my life when my depression and anxiety were too much to handle. I am thankfully ten times better now, but that moment made me reflect on how mental health can drastically impact one's physical, mental, and emotional abilities. This song was a form of therapy for me, to let out my vulnerable emotions and show my audience what it feels like to have these types of mental illnesses. It's also a way for others to know that they are not alone in their inner war against themselves and the world around them.

So it’s been a little bit since “Hades Has A Daughter.” What has Chelsea Silva been up to since we last heard from you? Any cool new projects you’re working on for the future?

It has! Two months already! It seems like a lifetime ago. I went on a much-needed family holiday from my home in Sydney to the Gold Coast in Australia! It was so warm and relaxing. It's my home away from home! I had a very fabulous time. I have also been cooking up some new songs for the new year! All will be revealed on my social media very, very soon.

What do you want your fans to feel when they listen to your music? What kind of message do you want your music to give to them?

I want my fans to feel like they are not alone and to have someone say, "I know how that feels." I want them to feel strong and empowered, knowing that there is bravery in going through mental health issues. It is a hard, life-long, everyday battle that we constantly have to deal with, but it's my way of saying that it will be okay and you can get through it, much like I have.

What is the most important thing to you when you make music? I guess in a related way, what does music mean to you?

The most important thing I think about is the following questions when I make music. Will it help people? Is it impactful? Do you think someone needs to hear this message? Does releasing this song feel more like a therapy session or a declaration to the world? What message are you trying to make? I have a new song if I can answer all these questions truthfully and create the music and lyrics to represent the answers best.

What’s next for Chelsea Silva? Can we expect more releases this year, and do you have any big goals for 2023?

A few new songs are in the works! One thing is for sure you guys have not heard the last of me. My big goal is to release songs that I am utterly and undeniably proud of. If I can do that, I will complete my New Year's resolution. Thank you, Buzz Music, for having me again! It has been so much fun and such a pleasure. If you want to hear more of my songs in 2023, check out my Instagram and Facebook on @chelseasilvamusic. I can't wait for you all to hear "Frontline," coming out on all streaming platforms on the 31st of January, 2023!


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