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Chess Galea’s Angelic Voice Flows Freely In “Out Of Focus”

Chess Galea is a vibrant singer/songwriter from the UK with a list of talents that are hard to beat. Not only is she a gifted vocalist but her songwriting abilities have taken her to the finals in a UK contest twice! She grew up with legendary influences such as Prince, Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston. She always grew up listening to classical music and piano and her ambition drove her to learn to play the piano herself. That’s when Chess Galea discovered her true passion, singing and performing. She’s performed at the notable Silvana, New York, The Emirates Place, Abu Dhabi and The Roadhouse, London. Although I can’t see her perform, her energy and vivid emotion is evident and clear in her new single from her two part EP “Out Of Focus”.

“Out of Focus” is a light pop tune with layers of acoustic guitars and catchy backbeats. Fused with the colorful sound arrangements is Chess Galea’s spectacular voice. She was heavily influenced by Alicia Keys in her vocal styling and it’s easy to see the similarities. The falsetto and range in her original vocals is hypnotizing. The lyricism and emotion behind her words is captivating throughout the single and I’d love to know the inspiration behind this track. Chess Galea is a skill songwriter, she write for artists all over the world and her song “Rise” independently reached number 40 on the iTunes charts last year. I love when artists are able to convey vulnerability and emotion through music. Chess Galea has the finely-tuned talent of writing music that her fans can relate and vibe to. I highly recommend you check out this single and many of her others that have launched her in the music industry in an impressive way. I think that “Out Of Focus” is a hit for all occasions and I’m bumping it on repeat on my speakers!

Listen to "Out Of Focus" here and get to know more about Chess Galea below!

Hi Chess! Can you tell us more about yourself and what inspires you to write music?

Hey everyone! I’m a Maltese-born, classically trained chick who turned out to love RnB, Pop, Soul and Gospel and tried to merge them into one genre. I’m inspired by people and everyday events. I want to tell a good story. With great lyrics. And talk about the one thing I’m a sucker for, love. 

Can you describe your stage presence and live performance?

I’m really inspired by artists like Prince who really go for it on stage. I’d like to think I’m working towards something like that. I’ve been dancing since I was 2 and always had an interest in fashion so I try and tie these things in too.

I play the bass and piano at some of my live performances, so, there’s something different at each show for sure. 

“Out Of Focus” is a great song! Can you tell us the meaning behind it?

Thank you! I wrote this when I was getting a lot of backlash in my life from someone who was meant to be supportive. They made me question my life goals, abilities and values and that was wrong. They brought me down and made me feel like nothing. I really didn’t know what to think anymore. Then I shook it all off and decided to leave them. I didn’t need to be with someone who made me feel trapped and untalented. Sometimes people reflect their insecurities on to you, and you have to realise that is happening so that you don’t sabotage yourself in the process.

What challenges did you face when writing this single and how did you overcome them?

I worked with two great guys on this so it was pretty good teamwork. I guess the hardest part was communicating with each other as we are all so busy but I think we worked it out perfectly in the end.

What makes you so passionate about music and how do you continue to feed that passion?

Music and performing is what keeps me alive. It’s been a part of me since I was in my mother’s womb, and I don’t know how else to describe it but my brain is just wired that way. I’ll stay in and up all night to make music. I’ll go watch new bands and old favourite bands. I’ll work with new people and try new sounds. I really am a slave to the music!


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