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CHI/MA Drips With Intensity In His Newest Single, "CHAOTIC"

CHI/MA is a powerful and explosive artist that has been taking over the underground scene over the past 3 years. After diving headfirst into music production with his purchase of the famous FL studio, CHI/MA proves his love for musical distortion on a variety of levels.

His new single CHAOTIC is an exploding track filled with fury and fast-paced energy. Each instrumental and lyrical layer merges to create a fast-paced, rap/rock-inspired track. Drawing inspiration from artists like Playboi Carti, XXXtentacion, and Travis Scott, CHI/MA mixes a variety of sounds and musical organizations to create an aggravating musical product.

Similar to many of his other tracks, CHAOTIC is a single that creates a feeling within listeners that is opposite to its exact lyrical meaning. CHI/MA opens this single with a bang and explodes into each lyric with exciting energy. Technological energy and loud grasping lyrics will have you gasping for air as the intensity surrounds every listener in their entirety.

CHAOTIC is a powerful beginning to the uncontrolled, charged rollout of many more tracks that are set to take place in this next year that is sure to elevate his distorted style of music to the next level following the success of CHAOTIC!

Your new single CHAOTIC is filled with a firing explosion of energy. What was your inspiration behind this track?

It's inspired by the climate of our time. I feel like right now is a very passive-aggressive time in civilization. There's a lot of sad music with low energy I want to revamp and bring back high energy and fast-paced music.

Prior to beginning producing music, what was your background like in the musical industry and how has that impacted your unique sound?

Prior to producing music I had no experience other than me making music when I was younger. Other than that I'm just dipping my feet in the deep end.

You mentioned previously that you try to focus your musical style on feelings that oppose your physical lyrics, can you explain how you came up with this unique style and how you displayed it within CHAOTIC?

Sure for example "Two Steppin I got blicks to my name, Dirty drank dirty drank take it to the face, Real rockstar I ain't high my shit was laced". Those lyrics have a totally different feeling than was said. I alluded to being laced and indulging in destructive behavior, yet I yell it with such power and presence that it transcends the initial lyrics and the emotion in my voice takes over.

When producing CHAOTIC did you draw inspiration from any other artists in particular or were there any specific people in production that had a sizable impact on the release of this power soundtrack?

Yes in fact another small artist (trustinrxcklii) he doesn't even know I listen to him he created a song (RED DEAD) with a similar vocal style to what I used and that was the foundation for the initial vocal mix.

What's next for you?

What's next for me is growing my fanbase to the point that I can take over the underground scene in Texas. A couple of artists and I have a plan to make Texas the next big city for rap and music altogether, but for now, nose to the grindstone and try to grow and through with opportunity, you guys have awarded me through BuzzMusic I know that I've taken a small step towards my goal.



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