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Chicago’s Da New Era Damyon Debuts New Album, “Grind”

Da New era Damyon from Chicago has something that’s gonna help him break against barriers. He quickly realized that blending his lyrics to a one of a kind beat that will fit with a modern sound would yield groundbreaking results. With the occasional element of R&B on tracks like "I want you", he creates an atmosphere that follows, sets, and breaks trends. Da New Era Damyon released a 17 track album titled “Grind” that will correlate with everything he represents.

The album begins with the passionate track “Been On”. This song was a great opener with a fiery delivery and lyrics that gave you a more in-depth look at the life Da New Era Damyon lived. After “Been On”, “Greatest” transitions in. This record begins with a motivational dialogue about the word “Impossible”, getting you hyped for what’s about to come. “Nothing can stop me now” is the opening lyrics to the verse in “Greatest” and it was perfect for the anticipating built up. Da New Era Damyon is going hard so far and the vibe did a quick turn around with “Nobody”. “Nobody” felt more passionate than the other two singles, the lyrics hit you due to how thought-provoking and vulnerable they were. The next song “On Me” was a hype record and one of my personal favorites. The hook was catchy and the cadence was switched up, showcasing Da New Era Damyon’s versatility. Although the cadence in “On Me” was impressive, I was speechless by the flow in “Death 2 Da Critics”. This flow went rapidly insane, keeping us hype and ready for what’s next. What I really liked about this album was how Da New Era Damyon switched the vibe up with “I Need Luv”. The theme in this song discusses the sentimental feelings he feels towards a girl. The lyrics were relatable, and many people would be able to vibe to this single. The poetic lyrics and romantic aesthetic really showcased a different side to Da New Era Damyon.

Da New Era Damyon keeps the surprises coming with the really whimsical and witty track “Take Me Home”. A good surprising element to this song would have to be the rock n roll production in the beat mixed with a mainstream appeal to the lyrics. The song was chronologically placed in the perfect spot of the album, keeping our attention and excitement still in-tact. “Release Therapy” and “Hot Now” kept a consistent fire going on but it was “K.I.D (Kick In Doors)” that really stood out. Instead of the basic hip-hop beat, The production of this instrumental shows a lot of punk rock elements due to the electrifying guitar chords and transitional drum rhythm. The hook in this song was memorable and stuck to us like glue. In fact, it’s on our head right now as we type this! “Really Want It” comes in with a beautiful piano key and an authentic and raw lyrical arrangement that’s showing this soft side to Da New Era Damyon that he showcased to his fans earlier. What I noticed about this song was the sample on the hook. I actually fell absolutely in love with it due to the classic and familiar sound of a melody that resonates well with not only me and many many others. The next two songs were the highly polar opposite from one another. “You Aint On My Level” showed us that hard-hitting and intense rap delivery while he went back to the soft version of himself with “I Want You”.

I noticed a trend before each song of his starts and that’s how he chants the words “Learning, Knowledge, and Grind” before each song. “WMG” and “Life 4 Me” smacks you across the face with emotionally convicted lyrics and passionately delivered resonance. Da New Era Damyon closes the album off so classic with “City Of Nightmares”. With an opening so good as “Been On”, I was expecting nothing less than great with the closing record and he delivered. What’s really cool about this single was how it painted a vivid setting for me as a listener. I pictured myself in the city, the weather, and the feelings of hopelessness. What’s even more dope about this record was aesthetically the beat. This song gave me classic, raw hip-hop vibes with a legendary emcee approach. Da New Era Damyon released an album filled with transitional surprises, exciting punchlines, and passionate deliveries.

You can listen to the album “Grind” here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Da New Era Damyon! Tell us how was it growing up in Chicago and in what ways have you been inspired by your environment?

Thank you for having me and letting me tell my story... I can’t lie to others growing up Chicago was hell o agree with that but it also was incredible I say this because though there was hellish time I’ve learned a lot and plus I had love from and respect from everybody (Family, teachers, streets, friends, etc) because of the way I carried myself and that alone inspired me I’ve seen and been through “The Struggle” everyday was something new and horrible going on thru the hood but the love was still there somehow some magical way we picked ourselves up and kept pushing as a child in the middle that became my inspiration through all the shootings, Robberies, Murders, Mistreatments throughout everything we found a way to move on and I became engulfed with helping others whether it be in church on the streets or school I made it my business every day to help somebody, anybody .

Your album “Grind” was amazing and the delivery felt extremely passionate. What do yo value most about this project from your artistic point of view?

I valued the production of the project the most every song I wrote I was in public view tryna get insight on how I should write and/or deliver whatever message I wanted people to hear .. every beat can from a feeling/moment that captured my soul and I want the world to feel why.

We noticed multiple themes in the songs on “Grind” but mind highlighting the main ones that you feel is important for the listeners to obtain?

One main theme throughout all the songs is “Grind” to find you passion perfect it and go forward and spread it to the world sometimes life throws us for a loop we forget what we were aiming for every song on the project is to push you forward thru and situation.

Which song on “Grind” do you feel was the most emotionally challenging for you to write? You opened up in a lot of these songs and we commend you for that!

Breakout was the most emotionally challenging...  the way I constructed the beat first I was a sign of relief/peace like listening to gospel track but this track is the last track for the album created I had to make it strong ... it talks about my feelings for the current/past events that have been going on and real talk writing this track brought me to tears multiple times even performing it had me in tears ... one of my strongest songs Mind describing to us your songwriting approach? How do you get in the mood to write the perfect hit? For me personally I look to put a message in everything I do so I find my message first then I put  my feelings/ past experience to put me in the vibe of the track and I let my heart finish it up  in every song /verse/hook I ever do I put my all into it .

What’s next for you in 2020 Da New Era Damyon?

All I can say this album pushed them in ways I never thought it could all in good ways ..”GRIND” opened doors and I plan on stepping in each one with better content Basically Get Ready I’m Not Done (G.R.I.N.D.)


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