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Chill Out to Terrence “Esquire” Huggins' Hit “Angels”

Producer Terrence “Esquire” Huggins from Washington, DC has taken new age instrumental production and elevated it with his song “Angels” off his latest album “Infinity”. Drawing inspiration from Virginia natives Pharell and Timberland, Terrence “Esquire” Huggins has created projects ranging from genres like Dubstep to R&B. While co-producing numerous projects with artists across America, and completing his first sole produced EP collab titled “Forbidden Fruit” by Rolando Damian in 2014. Esquire also traveled abroad and captured his experience sonically through his second album “Nights in the Kingdom”, following up after his debut project “Night on U. Street”. As of now, “Infinity” has made waves across all streaming platforms, and has become a force back home in Washington, DC.

“Angels” off his latest project “Infinity”, includes a beautiful and soothing lo-fi production. With light chiming background chords and airy synth progressions, “Angels” provides stunning and tranquil imagery with definite R&B vibes. The track serves an incredibly polished electronic melody and makes a perfect song to study for any students out there. Terrence “Esquire” Higgins has definitely gained an advantage towards production by introducing himself with multiple genres over the years, as “Angels” is undeniably a perfect variation of different styles through his innovative artistic expression.

Listen to "Angels" here.


Hey there Terrence “Esquire” Huggins, welcome to BuzzMusic! You’re sound is incredibly soothing and melodic, where do you draw inspiration for your radiant songs?

I definitely appreciate the love!!! I draw alot of my inspiration from my everyday life, past, and present. I grew up as an outcast, so I appreciated the fact of being classified as such. Music is everlasting and the idea of such a thing is beyond anything ever imaginable. It's definitely been a beneficial outlet.

You’ve produced a variety of genres from Dubstep to R&B, what do you think brought you to your current lo-fi sound?

I would say my experience living overseas! Being over there developed my sound most definitely! I experienced alot of different cultures which gave me a new wave of creation.

“Angels” is an incredibly chill instrumental, would you ever release a project with your own vocals?

I have some in the works! Lol. I "retired" from singing, so to say, but I do have some things releasing soon with my vocals. I definitely look forward to people hearing it!

Your latest album 'Infinity' has surpassed more than 75,000 streams on Spotify. Congratulations! Could you share with us how you wanted listeners to feel when hearing the album for the first time?

75K... WOW. I just wanted them to be able to feel like themselves honestly. It's amazing seeing the response from the latest project. I definitely did not see that coming. But it is appreciated.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I have alot of collaborations coming this year ranging globally! My goal is to impact more on that spectrum! I want to be able to touch, musically, every corner of this globe.



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