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Chise Up Represents Chicago In New Single "Doin’ Tings" Feat. Mac Millie

Chicago Hip Hop Duo Chise Up combines forces with Mac Millie on the energetic, heartfelt track, “Doin’ Tings”.

Cousins Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic make up the powerhouse team that is Chise Up. Growing up in the Southside of Chicago together, they were able to collaborate early on and craft their skills as a unit. Since forming Chise Up, this powerful Hip Hop duo has managed to release four full-length projects together along with numerous other singles. They are constantly collaborating with local legends throughout their work, including CKP, 7 Lee, RhymeFest, Fiend International Jones, just to name a few.

For this track “Doin’ Tings”, they’ve teamed up with Emcee Mac Millie, and we are hooked on what they’ve created. Diving into the track, we are immediately met with a rich soundscape, painting a picture of Chicago. We hear a mixture of water, traffic, police sirens, as well as a layering of angelic female vocals before they kick it off with an infectious groove. The powerhouse duo starts the track with energetic bars and a confidence that is undeniable.

Throughout the hook, they spell it out for us loud and clear. “Make my way thru the crowd /

cup of full of brown / yeah you know it goes down / Rolling Loud / Southside of my town / Is where im found / Yeah My city my sound / Rolling loud…” The passion and love they have for their city is undeniable in this track. Chise Up and Mac Millie all exude confidence in “Doin’ Tings” that is absolutely infectious. Their delivery pulls us along for every word, and we can’t get enough of it.

Go show Chise Up and Mac Millie some love on “Doin’ Tings”, and check out the rest of Chise Up's most recent album, "H.D.3", available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chise Up! We can really feel the energy and heart that you obviously put into “Doin Tings”. Was this song written with any specific audience in mind? How do you hope that they resonate with your lyrics?

Have a core audience that likes our vibe and music, so "Doin Tings" was created with them in mind. Just wanted to give people something bouncy and more uptempo than what we usually do.

Can you describe what the creative process was like collaborating with Mac Mille on this track?

It's always a pleasure working with our brother Mac Millie... All of us went to college together at SIUC and we've been friends since, so working with him on any track is organic and fits perfectly like the last piece of a puzzle. Mac Millie IS ChiseUp

It’s apparent that the city of Chicago has made a big influence on your music, can you describe a bit more how this city has shaped you both, and how it’s impacted your writing/sound?

Sure. Chicago is a melting pot of people, cultures, and events, and we try to convey every aspect we've experienced through our writing and the tracks we select. Chicago is also very segregated, purposely I might add, so we try to speak on our "Windy City" politics and how we're treated here, as well.

You are known for your many collaborations with local legends, is there anybody you would love to collaborate with on future tracks who you haven’t so far?

That's a great question! We've been blessed to get those features, and even more so because the folks we've had featuring on our songs really rock with our music, and weren't looking for a check. With that said, New Orleans, MCs Young Roddy & Curren$y are two off the top, and a collab w/ Summer Walker would be dope too!

What's next for you?

We have 3 projects dropping in 2022 with S7N Lee, ILL Brown, and Dolomane. Shooting new videos for the singles off of those projects. Hitting the road and performing. Relaunching ChiseUp Apparel. Steady building up the Podcast that Daws Lotto co-hosts (@RealTalkInJeans) and the food vlog that Cognac Classic manages (@EatandDrinkGoodChicago). We also have some business ventures jumping up with our homie Mike Logic.


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