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Chitra Exposes a Vulnerable Side of Herself in, “Throwaway”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chitra releases her alluring and emotion-evoking single entitled "Throwaway."

Known for exercising the art of storytelling through metaphor in music, the Indian-American singer-songwriter is classically trained in both violin and viola. She was also a past studio intern for Mark Ronson, where she learned the importance of clear intention-setting when writing and producing songs, which is more than evident in her latest emotional single, "Throwaway."

Chitra's latest single, "Throwaway," is nothing short of a mastery; she offers her deeply refreshing vocal stylings alongside her cinematic pop/r&b production that drives us into a daydream. The single delivers a certain well-roundedness, especially as Chitra's dense vocal stylings ride over the song's hazy, emotional, and compelling sonics. We're incredibly excited to introduce this track to our readers, as it not only showcases a talented new artist but a highly relatable message.

Expanding on "Throwaway," the song takes off with Chitra's raw and sole vocals that sing an emotional message of lost love and isolation. Alongside a dark keyboard melody, Chitra moves her way into the hook with her powerful vocal stylings that ache and cry with the utmost emotion.

Chitra's overall performance is nothing but soul-stirring, especially as her accompanying vocal harmonies jump in and emphasize the song's tender emotion. We love the blend of pop and r&b within the haunting sonic production, as it not only allows Chitra's message to shine bright but also deepens the song onto a whole other intriguing and emotional level. As she leads us to the outro, Chitra closes the song on a fragile, haunting, and chilling note.

Don't miss out on the emotion and passion of Chitra's latest single, "Throwaway," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chitra. We're deeply impressed with the raw emotion and power you've brought to your single, "Throwaway." Was there a specific moment or experience that inspired you to create this emotional and passionate piece?

Yes, sadly enough, there was an experience and a string of realizations that led to me writing Throwaway. Before quarantine, I was in a toxic "situationship," where the person I was with made me feel extremely disposable. I never felt as though I existed on my timeline and I didn't realize or care because love and the misunderstanding of it make reading the room, at times, a difficult task. I couldn't understand feeling so electric in person and devoid of any connection once we were apart. During the summer of 2020, I recall being so infatuated and so confused with what I was allowing myself to settle for, which were essentially stolen moments of magic, followed by misery. Alongside this, I often described lockdown as purgatory, an in-between time period of reflection, confusion, and sadness. Then on a day in August, I sat down at my piano, and the entire song spilled out of my brain like one long, run-on sentence.

Did you create the production yourself for "Throwaway?" What vibe or atmosphere did you want the song's sonics to give off?

I did not create the production for Throwaway, but two of my very best friends and producers, Brede & Sanjay Henry, did. However, I did do all vocal and string arranging, as I played violin and viola on this song. Production-wise, every sound created had to support the lyrical journey from verse 1 to the outro. We knew the beginning needed to feel like a ballad and as close to how it sounded in my original voice memo. However, after the first chorus, we wanted percussion that gave space to the trap rhythm of the second chorus. The outro, and probably my favorite part of this song, was built around my vocal and string arrangement with help from an electric piano. I sampled sounds around the house I was living in, as we knew the song needed elements of reality, whether that was an airplane, white noise, a bell, or a door slam!

Would you say you're relatively familiar with writing such vulnerable and reflective lyricism, similar to "Throwaway?" Was it easy to unleash these emotions via songwriting?

Genuinely I don't think I have a choice whether or not to be vulnerable in my songs. I have so many feelings that it takes journaling, writing poetry, short stories, and songwriting to feel like I'm explaining half of the chaos in my brain. Also, considering the heartbreak, confused with the love I was experiencing, there was no other way for me to convey my thoughts. If songwriting isn't infused with vulnerability, there is no true honesty in the song.

How do songs like "Throwaway" help us get to know you and your music better? Do you usually release such powerful and emotional songs like this?

For as long as I songwriter, my music will be painfully honest with a hint of dark comedy. I have the ability to lie in real life, but music and art are the only places where my thoughts and feelings are word-painted across every melody. This is because my music is a way for me to understand how I see the world and why I am the way I am. My only hope is that it acts as a medium for others to do the same, which is the beauty of putting art into the world. This is my first release, and I wanted it to feel powerful and emotional and deep-feeling and sad because these are all facets of my personality. However, it doesn't mean that my reaction towards pain will always turn into a ballad moving forward.

What's next for Chitra?

I'm releasing a music video for Throwaway very soon and am working on a set of singles with the same producers, to be released incrementally in the coming months. Additionally, I am working with a few new musicians/producers as a featured artist as well. Simultaneously, I am playing a couple of shows out in Los Angeles in the month of November, which, in my opinion, is the most thrilling part of the musical process!

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