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Chloé Sautereau Beats The “Get To Know You Game”

Born amidst the idyllic landscapes of Geneva, Switzerland, Chloé Sautereau would always be a raconteur. With a guitar in her hand from the tender age of eight, she embarked on her musical journey, making her first mark with the debut EP 'As I Keep on Dreaming' at just 18. Not merely a passing phase, two songs from this initial offering found their way onto major Swiss radio playlists, solidifying her presence in the music scene. New York City soon beckoned, and Sautereau continued her musical education at the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. This move led to the release of two singles, 'Conversation Hearts' and 'What If,' further establishing her as a burgeoning talent.

Embracing a diverse array of influences, from Amy Allen to FINNEAS and Julia Michaels, Sautereau has refined an authentic pop sound, effortlessly blurring the line between reality and imagination. Her unique background, comprising a past life as a competitive figure skater and a culturally rich upbringing that exposed her to musical styles from Bossa Nova to chanson française, has greatly informed her artistic sensibilities. Self-taught on guitar and piano, she's been singing for as long as her memory serves, painting an intimate world with her melodies and narratives.

Emerging from this rich backdrop, Sautereau's latest single, "Get To Know You Game," is a bold step into her true sonic identity. It is the first in a series of stripped-back singles that serve as a canvas for her vivid storytelling. The song is a clever commentary on the laborious game of dating, with a refreshing directness that is both relatable and captivating. Released on May 12, 2023, "Get To Know You Game" represents the artist's commitment to her singer-songwriter roots, unapologetically intimate and honest.

The lyrics of "Get To Know You Game" reflect a familiar struggle in the modern dating scene. The song is about the frustration and exhaustion of trying to get to know someone, the challenges of opening up, and the fear of committing. Sautereau's voice, laced with a hint of sass, captures the cyclical nature of these experiences. The stakes are high in the song's narrative and stripped-back arrangement, and Sautereau's grounded guitar playing perfectly complements her candid storytelling.

"Get To Know You Game" is a testament to Sautereau's growth as an artist. Her ability to weave her experiences into a universally relatable song is a testament to her songwriting prowess. From the heart of Geneva to the hustle of New York City, Sautereau is carving out a niche for herself with her bare-faced pop sound and authentic storytelling. With a new series of vulnerable singles in the works, Chloé Sautereau continues to bring her unique world to life, one song at a time.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chloé Sautereau! Congratulations on releasing your latest single, "Get To Know You Game," a strong commentary on modern dating. How did your personal experiences shape the narrative and lyrics of this song?

It's a song that poured out of me one evening... that's to say, the premise was almost a revelation to myself writing it of what the dating scene felt like. After moving to New York following the height of the pandemic, dating apps were the only vehicle for meeting people, and I feel like trying to normalize that we forget how taxing and surface level it can be. Not to discredit those platforms, I've met great people, and I know they've led to lasting relationships for many... I think I just fell back into a cycle of the same conversations that led nowhere. I'm quick to want to do the right thing and not mess up, and I get in my head about it, replaying things in my head as I know many of us do, leaving me longing for something real.

"Get To Know You Game" diverges from your previous songs by giving a more stripped-down, vulnerable style. What prompted you to adopt this minimalistic approach, and how did it influence the overall storytelling in the song?

Keeping it stripped back felt true to the song's narrative and myself. Finally, by my full name, I am leaning into the singer-songwriter in me. I feel like I went as "pop" as I would with my previous release, "What If," and this new one is me embracing an even purer kind of storytelling. I produced it myself, with particular attention to the vocal arrangement hoping to illustrate that sense of inner dialogue we have with ourselves and the voices in our heads.

Considering the strong emotional undertones in "Get To Know You Game," what emotional response do you hope to evoke in your listeners? How do you want them to feel after listening to this single?

I think all music seeks to be relatable. Still, I feel strongly about that for this one in particular just because it's, again, that self-questioning voice in your head about something you might not want to admit to yourself or even realize at all, just from the nature of that cyclical whirlwind we find ourselves in today's world. It's also got something intimately fierce to it, with a dash of humor, and I hope that transpires and makes the song feel free.

"Get To Know You Game" communicates a sense of frustration and exhaustion with the dating scene. Can you share how this song might reflect your perspective on relationships in general, beyond just the initial 'getting to know you' phase?

I think that sometimes the norms we've set for dating and getting to know someone, at least at the very early stages, especially in our digital world, aren't always conducive to truly connecting & can let you feel like you need to hold back... I find we lose some of the magic and surprise and excitement of meeting with someone in real life first, building a relationship that feels organic and natural. "Get to Know You Game" touches upon this eternal search for that someone special in a way that's human, real, and worth everything.

After the release of "Get To Know You Game," what direction do you foresee your music taking in the future? Can we expect more stripped-back singles that delve into other aspects of human complexities and relationships, or do you plan on exploring new themes and sounds?

"Get to Know You Game" is the first of a stripped-back series indeed... I have several songs I've been holding on to that lend themselves to this sound – introspective, focusing on our personal relationship with the world and people around us and inner battles with our feelings. That said, I don't mean to limit myself sonically, and I think I'm always looking for what serves the song best and what feels the most honest. I'm playing a few acoustic live sets around NYC this summer.

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