ChloA Releases Her Soulful Take on “Reality”

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, ChloA Watson is an up and coming singer and songwriter who brings heart and soul to her music. ChloA has had a deep passion for music from a very young age; at age 10 she recorded her first original song with Thomas Barsoe at the OC Hit Factory. At 12 years old, ChloA’s cover of “What a Difference a Day Makes” was recognized by America’s Got Talent producers. She then sang in front of the judges and received a “yes” from Simon Cowel, who loved her original sound. On top of these successes, two of ChloA’s original tracks earned semi-final spots in the International Songwriting Contest. She has been maintaining her success rates as an artist by performing around Las Vegas and being featured in local publications.

Her most recent release “Reality” has just been released on Spotify, and will surely have her audience wanting more. Paired with an elegant piano, ChloA shows off her natural vocal abilities in her song “Reality.” The modest background music leaves room for her angelic voice to be put on display; her strong, throaty voice is what gives the song its personality. Lyrically, ChloA normalizes common emotions and feelings, making “Reality” a relatable song for her audience. ChloA’s raw vocals combined with the gentle piano background make “Reality” an authentic, heartfelt song.

Listen to "Reality" here.

Can you elaborate on the message behind this song? It’s how we all feel about life from time to time. I took the small concept of when life gets to be too overwhelming, or you just feel like you’re trapped in a situation whether it be at work, school, or just anything in general and dramatized it to the words “I feel like I’m drowning”. But, most importantly when I write songs I never really like to tell exactly my m