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Chop, Chop, Get to Listening to "Cut The Ties"

RICH BOY DEV is a 26-year-old Hip-hop artist who currently resides in Mount Laurel, NJ. Taking his musical career seriously over the past two years, RICH BOY DEV has loved every moment of the process.

Currently working on his debut album titled ‘PATIENCE,’ which is dropping in the fall of 2021, he is fresh off the release of his most recent single "Cut The Ties," featuring Hip-hop artist Mir Fontane. Delving us in the buoyant fusion of intoxicating vibrancy, RICH BOY DEV paints vivid imagery as he addresses cutting the ties when someone or something no longer serves his state of energy.

Through a charismatic persona that plays upon his boisterous façade, RICH BOY DEV shows no remorse as he tours us through his lyrical dexterity in this track. “Cut The Ties,” is the anthem that we hear playing in the background of any life event when we’re eliminating the dead weight that has no place at the finish line.

Attacking the beat in a self-assured manner, RICH BOY DEV proves to listeners that he’s going to stand up for what he wants while flaunting his effortless talents.

Recruiting head honcho Mir Fontane to round out the developed sounds of “Cut The Ties,” we admire the vitality that each artist brings to the track while executing their artistic talents in a unique manner.

Fluently feeding off the vitality that each exemplifies, there is no denying that the individuals are thriving in an environment that is custom to their own talents and together as a dynamic duo.

Congratulations on the release of “Cut The Ties,” featuring Mir Fontane. How did the collaboration between you two come to be? What was it like working with one another?

Thank you so much! Well, I was actually getting close to finishing up the project, and my right-hand man Ricky was like you need a big feature so then right there he brought up Mir Fontane and I was like that's perfect. Later on, I reached out to him and we made it happen.

Coming from someone who has a lot of experience in the music industry, it definitely was fun but more so of a learning experience for me because in the process I was introduced to new things on how to move my brand more in the best way possible.

Could you please take us into what moment inspired the songwriting of this track?

Well, actually the song was written back in December 2018 and just sat in my phone notes, But didn’t get mir on the track till like two years later, and around that time I was listening to beats in my room while getting ready for work and then I just started saying words and was like oh snap that sound hot let me write that down. In my process, I tend to start with the hook first and during that time the cut ties hook came to me like it felt so natural.

We can only imagine that the recording session was full of good vibes. Could you please take us into what it looked like bringing this song to life?

Mind you my verse and the hook was already recorded a couple of studio sessions ago. Fast forward to October 2020 he pulled up to the studio and sat down for like 20min doing his process then once he was done he went into the booth and on the second try he knocked it out and that was pretty much it and then dropped a few gems also.

What is the proudest moment of your career thus far?

It definitely was receiving my first check from my song "Cut The Ties" because it reminded me that all of the hard work that I been putting in from the late-night studio session to even finishing writing up verses on my lunch break at my job is all paying off and also showing me that one day my love for music can pay the bills.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

KEEP STREAMING CUT THE TIES! Know that I’m a chill person and I drop nothing but bangers. but don’t be too fooled by what my talented self may pull off. I’m tapping into all types of genres with music and want to be labeled as an Artist and not just a rapper, so as of now I just let my music do the talking.



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