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Chris Bullinger Sparks Flames In New Release, “Darlin’ ’n’ Me”

Coming in hot from Nashville, singer-songwriter and country recording artist Chris Bullinger smacks the speakers with a heavily groovy new single titled "Darlin' 'n' Me."

Influenced by the storytelling stylings of icons like Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle, Chris Bullinger's career did a 180 when he became a leader in one of North America's significant renewable energy companies. With his love for music coursing through his veins and over a hundred songs written, Chris returned to music with a new outlook.

Treating listeners to the new and improved Chris Bullinger is his newest release, "Darlin' 'n' Me," the lead single from his upcoming album Waitin' To Be Seen, hitting streaming platforms on August 16. The Tennessee-based artist says "I always felt it was a disservice not to share these songs. I'm thankful that they're now out there, ready to connect with anyone, be it just one person or a million."

Jumping into "Darlin' 'n' Me," we're met with a twangy and bright electric guitar that leads into a bluesy midwest instrumental alongside Chris Bullinger's gritty and melodic vocals reminiscent of his musical influences. From the jump, he creates an insanely groovy atmosphere that's bound to get you up and moving to the dancefloor.

The song's playful and witty lyrics paint various scenes of him and his darlin' heading to the market and the garden, getting wrapped up in this woman's mysterious ways. The country-meets-blues instrumentals are top-tier, making it an instant crowdpleaser at any party. If anything, it's a perfect example of Chris B's new and improved style.

Hear it yourself and feast your ears on Chris Bullinger's latest single, "Darlin' 'n' Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Chris! We love the energy and rhythm in your recent single, "Darlin' 'n' Me." What inspired you to create this tune?

Thanks for having me.  This tune really sprang out of the concept of how great it would be to be as beautiful as other people see you sometimes.  Or as the song says, even half as beautiful.

What sounds or styles influenced the instrumental feel of "Darlin' 'n' Me?” Who or what might have helped bring this song to life?

A number of folks are telling me they hear Dylan vibes, which is totally cool with me. If you’re influenced by what you listen to most, then that would make perfect sense.

Regarding the video for "Darlin' 'n' Me," what was it like working with Actuality Films to bring this impressive animation to life? Was this your first animated video made by them?

What a great experience working with Actuality Films.  They actually animated a song from my previous album, How to Bleed, and I couldn’t wait to collaborate again.  And that’s really what it is—collaboration.  I storyboard what I’m envisioning, and they’ve got a similar sense of style or crazy or whatever you wanna call it.  So they just run with it and add in so many clever details.  Super fun.

Why did you choose to release "Darlin 'n' Me" as the lead single from your upcoming album Waitin' To Be Seen? How does this song prepare listeners for what's to come?

Waitin’ To Be Seen is a double album that is laid out like a collection of vignettes, in chronological order.  It’s all about seeking connection, maybe finding it, maybe losing it, and what it really takes to achieve it.  The main characters are a gal and a guy, or—said another way—a darlin’ n’ me.  This particular song is the one vignette that’s a little snapshot of the whole album.

Could you drop any hints about your upcoming album, Waitin' To Be Seen? Where do you plan on taking the album, and what are you most excited about?

I’m pretty stoked about it, as crazy as it may be to release a twenty-three-song concept album these days.  Singles, I suppose, is the name of the game, but I’d like to imagine listeners starting at the beginning and listening to the twenty-three songs and taking in the entire story.  The album is about seeking connection, but it’s also actually an effort to connect.  And that possibility—that this album may connect with even one person—is exciting to me.


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