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Chris Carroll is Here With His New Song, "Rose Coloured Glasses"

Chris Carroll offers authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences with his original songs. Wanting to incorporate many of the genres he grew up listening to, Chris Carroll has conclusively blurred the lines between various genres to generate his particular sound today. Listeners can expect a versatile blend when it comes to the tone that Chris Carroll takes on musically

"Rose Coloured Glasses" begins with a slow introduction created by a variety of acoustics. The silky and smooth vocals of Chris Carroll blends into the melody with little to no effort. It is quickly stimulating listeners' senses. Chris Carroll's soft and slow tone begins to climb with grace as the song goes on. It creates an incredible, succulent ambiance. Chris Carroll safely explores his vocal range throughout "Rose Coloured Glasses," and allows listeners to know that he's capable of much more with the articulated delivery he offers. It is within this very safeness that allows "Rose Coloured Glasses" to hold the poise it does.

We're heavily intrigued with Chris Carroll's final product with "Rose Coloured Glasses." His ability to bring a multitude of emotions to the surface with the simple sound of his voice is inspiring, and we'll be keeping an eye out for future music from this original-sounding artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chris Carroll. We're sure with the release of your original song, "Rose Coloured Glasses," came a load of emotions. How are you feeling now that the song has officially debuted? I’m very happy with the release and how it’s been received.

What narrative were you hoping to push with "Rose Coloured Glasses?" If listeners could take away one ultimate feeling from the song, which were you hoping it would be? The song is about going into new love with a fresh pair of eyes, seemingly after countless heartbreaks, seeing only what you want to see. There’s a sense of caution in the song as well though, as we do our best not to be so blind to what can counter those wonderful feelings later on. I hope for my listeners to feel a sense of ‘new nostalgia’ when they hear the song, perhaps remembering what it's like to fall in love...with falling in love.

As an artist that enjoys blending many genres together to craft their personalized sound, how do you believe your recent song release is set apart from other releases of today?

In most of my songs to date, I try to incorporate some sort of familiarity of older songs I grew up loving, which might be deemed retro and infusing it with my hip-hop roots. I think my intention to keep it fresh, yet familial, makes my songs stand out. I’m really just putting together, to the best of my ability, genres of songs I grew up loving. My drummer and collaborator, Fer Moreno who plays on this track, really tapped into that nostalgia though, and “Rose Colored Glasses” wouldn’t be what it is without his expertise. We referenced The Beatles and mid-60s style Wall of Sound recordings, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Will your future music adhere to a similar sound heard in "Rose Coloured Glasses?" I have a few more retro vibe songs to release, and I’ve been super inspired by soul music and the sort of “Lowrider” oldies, but I'm really excited to begin releasing some more contemporary pop joints later on in 2022.

What's next for you, Chris?

I have many exciting collaborations on the way. I’ve also just completed my full-length album, entitled Still, and will be releasing that around the new year! This project will sort of consolidating that retro sound and bridge it with the contemporary tracks I’ll be putting out later on. I’m really looking forward to sharing it.


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