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Chris Espo Brings Back True Raw Hip-Hop With 2 Hits Under His Belt!

At the young age of only 23 years old, Chris Espo has already started building an extensive resume on the hip hop scene. Chris has gained the respect of many and has had the opportunity to work alongside Legendary artist Cassidy. Cass not only did a song with Chris, but invited him to a studio in Brooklyn for the session, where he got to pick the mind of the hip-hop legend.

Chris Espo release of “Hungry” begins with a melodic airwind instrumental before the raw flow and aggressive verse by Chris Espo transitions in. “They say I don’t got it, so I guess I have to spazz out” was a memorable lyric to me. He really has an insane flow alongside a lyrical ability that many rappers nowadays have. “Hungry” showcases his hunger as an upcoming artist and displays his determination and dedication to make it as a legendary rapper that he believes he’s capable of becoming. “I’m always moving forward, aint no time to look back” was another highlight lyric in my opinion. It just confirms how devoted he is to himself and his craft.

However, Chris didn’t solely tackle on that hit song by himself as he collaborated with another rising legend in his own lane, Massachusetts very own “Termanology”. Together they both propelled this record forward with witty punchlines and characterized flows.

Chris' other release “Been Patient” was a collaborative project with another artist ‘Kurrent’. “Been Patient” was similar to “Hunger” in terms of the rawness and authenticity in the music, however although similarities in substance, the difference in overall foundation was noticeable. “Been Patient” felt more like a vulnerable yet tough vibe that still discusses how unwavering chris is to music and his dream, but the outside influences who tries to negatively affect him and his journey. However, he doesn’t allow the negativity from outside opinions to diminish what he feels he’s meant to do. It’s a relatable song because almost all of us has a specific dream we’re aiming to reach and sometimes not everyone can have our best interest at heart. And can give advice with the sole purpose of us failing. Chris Espo delivered two bonafide real hits that marks his respectability as a lyricist and rapper.

Click here to check out Chris Espo's "Been Patient," and don't miss out on Chris' interview below!

You seem to be highly passionate about music and rapping. When was the first moment you realized this was something you wanted to do?

Truthfully when I was still in high school around 16 years old I started writing music. At the time you could definitely see that I had potential, Not to long after I started getting into music I ran into my boy Short who I consider a brother now. Short was big into making music himself and basically saw me as a young kid with a lot of talent. He was the first person to show me the whole recording process and from that point I knew this was something I was really interested in pursuing.  

What made you reach out to Termanology and Kurrent to collaborate with you on a song?

I've listened to Termanology since I was young and also thought he was a dope mc! I felt with his legendary presence on a track like "Hungry" it would really bring out the feel for the track. Kurrent I've known for a long time and he's always had that perfect feel for songs that need some grit. He's very lyrical and is just as hungry for success as I am!

Describe “Hungry” in your brief summary? Describe “Been Patient”

"Hungry" is about my desire to make it in the rap game. It has gotten to the point where we're starting to put in major effort in everything we do and we're simply hungry to reap the benefits.  Been Patient has a lot of meanings to it but I feel the most important thing to take from the song is no matter what people say or what you've been through you have to move on for yourself. Everybody goes through some type of hardship in their lives but it's important to be able to pick yourself back up and move on.

Between both songs “Hungry” and “Been Patient” do you have one you specifically prefer?

"Hungry" to me is a great track. Lyrically tough, a lot of aggression, and heart. Although I feel "Been Patient" has a more serious effect as far as being able to relate to the listener feeling the emotion in the song. Personally I prefer "Been Patient".

What’s the similarities between both records and what’s the difference?

Both records talk about waiting to get yours and doing what it takes to make it happen! They differ because "Hungry" uses more of an aggressive way to get the message to the listener by telling them you wanna succeed in a menacing way. Where as "Been Patient" is telling you same thing but it has a much more agitated tone of voice, speaking its message to its listener. Have the desire to succeed but don't lose yourself in the process of doing so.


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