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Chris Micheal Has A Sound You’ll Take On The Road With You

Chris Micheal is known for being a dynamic vocalist filled with passion and emotion. The established Winnipeg-based Canadian recording artist performs acoustic and electric guitar melodies, which are heard across all digital streaming platforms.

Raised in a musical family, Chris Micheal became enamored with 90s grunge culture, which thoroughly influenced his vibrant musical approaches. Delving into the country music scene by playing events and festivals that encouraged the mixing of genres is how Chis Micheal wound up deep into the profound passion that country culture offers.

With ample energy to open up the latest single from Chris Micheal, "Highway Sound" embodies the essence of the perfect driving tune. His profound croons emit poignant messaging that usher us into reflections and realization through some prominent moments he shares.

As we focus on his heartfelt verses that are professed from a place of importance, we hear just how ready Chris Micheal is to let these thoughts fly into the wind. Bringing us passion as each powerful melody is performed, the instrumentation wraps around the song's cherished nature while the structure further pulls us into the cohesiveness.

Since "Highway Sound" perfectly fits into the scope of an ideal driving song, the energetic percussion blends with the warm guitar riffs as the intensity is balanced seamlessly. Giving you moments to bask in the wording shed, Chris Micheal creates a brilliant atmosphere for us to reflect on our thoughts as we gear up to hit the open road.

Listen to "Highway Sound" and the optimistic message Chris Micheal shares with listeners as he reminds everyone that we have one life to live so that we may make the most of it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chris Micheal! We're thrilled to have you here chatting with us about the release of "Highway Sound." We love the dimension you bring into a song of this nature. What is the inspiration behind the encouraging and heartfelt words you share?

Inspiration is a great question; this stems back to where I grew up, which was like a fly on the wall of the big city. I grew up in a train town surrounded by all sorts of farming and mixed industries on the outskirts. I lived there till I was around 20, with a small portion living in Bc for six months, inspiring a larger view of life. It was a tough place to grow up because it seemed like there were more bars than coffee shops, and I mean literally 6 bars in a two-block radius and not a coffee shop on site. Of course, naturally, I had made many friends, and as I grew older, all my family had moved onto new lives, sprung out of there, and found new homes elsewhere. Honest to goodness, I was the last man standing in T-Town, and the lifestyle started to set in; really was no way to grow a career and try to make a life. The best option was either forging train wheels or some form of job in community relations. Not trying to age me, but that was over 20 years ago.

Does your experience with the 90s grunge help you with any element of the country sound you embody today?

I actually never really shared this much with my writing partner Stephen Arundell my motive to the tune. Back then, I lost the love of my life, and shortly after, I skipped town, but this song serves as a testament to how I would have liked it to go and gave me some internal closure.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process of bringing "Highway Sound" to life?

I wanted the song to have the feel-good driving down the highway vibe, be inspiring, and share the connection with fellow listeners.

How does a song like "Highway Sound" express your mission statement as an artist?

I definitely believe my past musical experiences add elements to my music; I am a country rock. After all, I try to maintain a lot of traditional Nashville elements as far as instruments and methods of recording. Those are core, but I carry no barrier to being creative and free and just being myself in the music. Highway Sound started as a writing session between myself and Stephen Arundell me, who also produced the song; we recorded drums, bass, and guitar altogether in Nashville format. Then added all the extra elements. It was about three months by the time we mastered the song. One of my favorite parts of working on this song was Stephen's approach and willingness to help achieve my vision as an Artist.

What's next for you?

What's next for us is we are currently working towards a seven-song Album I would like to release come spring and perform at many of my favorite festivals. Just want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen to our music and come out to shows this past year. We are thrilled about what's next!


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