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Chris Sloan Releases A Heartbreak Anthem, "Where Do I Stand"

Seattle-based singer-songwriter and seasoned recording artist Chris Sloan releases a poignant and soulful heartbreak anthem entitled "Where Do I Stand."

Chris Sloan is known for his attention-grabbing and raspy vocals, never failing to wrap around the listener's heart. He's fronted several bands, most notably Mudsill Widows alongside drummer of rock and roll hall of fame band Heart. Buzzing through the music industry since 18, we're excited to see where his many talents land him.

Now releasing his cathartic new single, "Where Do I Stand," Sloan mentioned this song is incredibly personal and honest, as he wrote it during a turbulent and emotional time. Sloan's lyrics are like an emotional sword that pierces the heart with the utmost vulnerability and passion, perfectly portraying those tumultuous and confusing moments we all experience.

Expanding on the new single, "Where Do I Stand," we're met with Chris Sloan's raspy and warm vocals alongside a tender acoustic guitar. As he begins to wonder when his partner's heart turned to stone, Sloan drifts his way through the first verse with several emotional and gripping questions. As we make our way to the hook, Chris Sloan and his soothing instrumentals continue to soak our speakers in vast emotion.

While Sloan pours his heart for listeners to hold, he continues to serenade us while touching on the love that still stands, the memories that remain, and the lingering questions that haunt his mind. We adore this ballad, it's equally as cathartic as it is soulful, and we're more than happy to get to know such a personal side of the seasoned singer-songwriter.

Feel your heart skip a beat with Chris Sloan's latest single, "Where Do I Stand," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're so taken with the emotion and soul within your single, "Where Do I Stand." What is the track about, when did you begin feeling inspired to write it and how did you transform your emotions into music?

Where Do I Stand is about all the emotions that go along with heartbreak. It’s about the confusion, the loss, and even the love. It’s about loving someone enough to let them go, even if it means them being happy with someone else.

Where did the inspiration come from?

I don’t want to go into too much detail about my personal life, but the inspiration came from real-life experiences, and writing about the experience helped me navigate the process.

Do you find it challenging to write vulnerable and personal lyrics? How do you navigate such an honest and emotional songwriting process?

I don’t find it difficult to write such personal lyrics, but sometimes it can be difficult to put them out to the public. It’s like I’m shining a light n very personal things in my life. However I promised myself that I would only write true and honest songs for this record, and that means being completely honest and true with my lyrics.

Did you work with any other musicians or producers on "Where Do I Stand"? Who helped bring the song to life?

Yes. Matt McKay played electric slide guitar and piano and bass. Danny Green played electric guitar. The impeccable Andrew Joslyn wrote and performed the strings on the track, and I played acoustic guitar and performed all the vocals. There are a few songs off my EP where Ben Smith and Andy Stoller from Rick and roll hall of fame band Heart, and tracked drums and bass as well. The song was produced by Taylor Carroll at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville.

Do you usually write such emotional and vulnerable songs, or was this something outside of your comfort zone?

I have been the frontman of many hard rock bands my whole life. But when I write by myself, I tend to get drawn into writing really emotional songs. It comes very naturally to me and I am a complete sucker for sad, dark, deep beautiful ballads.

What does 2022 hold for you? What can we expect from you next?

My second next single Slow Down will be released on Jan 21st. My EP titled Into The Shade will be released in early spring 2022 and I’ve already started pre-production on my second EP.


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