Chris Strei Shows off His Magical Country Voice with “Love You Anyhow”

Lot’s has happened in the past few years for this successful country singer and songwriter. Inspired by his own life events and experiences toward his music, Chris Strei has been compared to well-known music artists and bands such as Chris Stapleton, Doc Walker, and The Tragically Hip. Can you say wow?! Not only did he recently make his radio debut on Niagara's Country 89 station, but he has been blessed with appearances at Canadian Music Week and Hugh’s Room Live. 

With the release of his newest album Moonshine in July 2019, the first song “Love You Anyhow” gives you the ultimate country vibe to this album and song with such deep vocals that come straight from the purity of the heart. It’s no wonder that Chris cracked the Top 25 in The Spot, Canada’s Premier Singing Competition. His 10 song hit album was released to a sold-out venue at Riffs Music Lounge in Woodstock, Ontario and it gives you great dynamic touch on various topics and styles. Along with other music artists with a common theme of telling stories with a relatable point of view, Chris’s songs do the same. 

“Love You Anyhow” portrays a theme of planning to leave and wanting out, yet still being kept back and going nowhere which is something many of us may relate to in certain aspects of our life. With the catchy chorus and lyrics “Girl you know just how to let me down, but I still love you anyhow” Chris Strei depicts that it's not always easy to just move on from something as it very easily brings you back or keeps you in the same spot. Not only do we get to experience an incredible voice from Chris Strei, but also his ability to beautifully play the guitar. The perfect melodic combo that you look to find in country singers. This song will be a good addition to your country playlist so make sure you check it out. 

Listen to Chris Strei's “Love You Anyhow” here.