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Chrissie Límos' Soulful Voice In Her Latest Single “Here” Will Truly Move You

By the soft acoustic introduction, we immediately knew that Chrissie Límos was about to move listeners in the direction of peace and relaxation! Chrissie Limos delivers her latest single “Here”, a song that has delicate instrumentation with unpredicted transitions. Chrissie Límos’ vocal resonance used various dynamics to give multiple dimensions to her artistry. Her vocal skills were one of our personal favorite elements of this song. The riff and runs gave us the goosebumps, while her ability to shift into different registers with a smooth control hypnotized us. Her breath control and the elegant tone is beautiful. Chrissie Límos has a spectacular range that she delivers so naturally, you just know she is equipped with a vocal caliber. This was another noteworthy component to “Here”. Sometimes, singers tend to cover up their true vocal abilities through edited effects and autotune. However, her voice flowed naturally through “Here”. This unique ability gives us the impression that Chrissie Límos is a raw and rare vocalist with a riveting amount of talent. Her warm and embracing vocals will capture the heart of many people who listen to this song.

Listen to “Here” by Chrissie Límos here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chrissie Limos! Can you tell us about some of your influences on your soulful style? How did you cultivate your own sound?

Some of my soulful influences are Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Sinead Harnett, Ari Lennox, Allen Stone, and Emily King-- as far as a vocal approach. Ultimately, I have my own sound and voice but I've learned to take bits and pieces of artists I look up to spice things up.

“Here” was a beautifully arranged single! What was the main theme depicted in this song and what inspired you to write this?

Thank you! So, 'here' is about overthinking and second-guessing yourself.. I know how hindering that mindset can be and I'm definitely a victim of that, which is why it took me 3 and a half years to finally release music again. I was having one of those paralyzing moments when I felt like my mind was just scattered and I didn't know where to begin to sort out my messy thoughts-- so the words just came.

How would you describe your approach to the production of “Here”? What was the most challenging aspect for you?

The production approach for "Here" dives in more with synth-pop, which was a bit challenging for me since it's different than the retro soulful music I've previously released. But synth-pop was something I've always wanted to try and have my producer who has also become a friend of mine, Carey Clayton, help me with that made it an awesome process to go through.

We’re excited to hear your upcoming 2020 releases! What can we expect to see from you throughout the year?

Expect to see my growth as an artist, which will reflect in my upcoming releases... I'm definitely still a developing artist and for the longest time, I've put off tackling music head first because I wanted to be "ready". Then I realized that if I keep waiting to be ready, I'll never go. If I really want to get somewhere, I have to just start.


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