Christa Deana Will Make You ""Shine"

Christa Deana is a christian singer/songwriter from Philadelphia who sings with conviction and power. Her songs speaks to the journey of a woman after god’s own heart. She released her single “Shine”, if the song wasn’t enough for you to feel the grace of God then maybe the video she produced alongside the song could help enhance the delightful religious tone of her song. The song and video instantly begins with a sparkling shine sound with the opening of the video showing light over the city. Christa begins to sing about her love and journey to God. Her message? For us to shine the light before us and to our surroundings.

"Shine" is vastly encouraging and you’re bound to feel an instant feeling of positivity while listening. This isn’t your typical “Gospel” song either. Although the content and lyricism is holy, the beat has this up-beat and charismatic, light R&B vibe to it. I loved how the video showed people spreading love and joy between another, speaking positive messages and touching a symbol of light in the air. Christa Deana, propels her vocals throughout the song with pure passion and a joyful smile on her face.

Listen to "Shine" here and get to know Christa Deana in our interview below!

You’ve faced significant amount of trials and tribulations in your lifetime including Depression and Bullying. Using music as a coping mechanism, do you think music in a sense has saved you?

Music has saved me over and over again. When I couldn't express my thoughts through speech, I could always express them in song. Sometimes I even wrote piano instrumentals because I needed to express my emotions even when I had no words. I don't know where I would be if I couldn't create music or enjoy the creations of others. Additionally, my life would be very different if I couldn't connect with God through my music. My musical abilities are my strongest personal ties with Him. It's where I've experienced Him most. I'm very grateful for that.

Did you grow up in a traditional religious household? Or was it something you personally became connected to on your own?

Traditional household? Yes and no. My parents were heavily involved in church and outreach ministries, so yes, traditional in that sense. However, my parents taught me the importance of a relationship with God and being lead by the Holy Spirit. I honestly began communicating with God and hearing His voice by age 6. My parents never taught me rules and regulations. As a result, I am lead by the Bible and by my relationship with God. 

When you released your first single, did you have any expectations? And were they met?

To be honest, I was still teaching music education at the time so my expectations were very small. The exposure definitely exceeded my expectations. Interviews, Spotify playlist, singing it on was pretty cool. LOL

In your opinion, what impact should your single “Shine” have on others and yourself?

The message of Shine, even outside of a Christian context, is to stand for what's right and for what you believe in. Often times, people are afraid to speak up about what's right for fear of isolation or rejection. Based on the state of the world, obviously, enough is enough. We need more love and more justice, period. For me, as a Christian, I apply this to myself by making sure everything I say and do brings light to the darkness. 

I’m aware that most gospel singers get most of their musical training from the church background, would it be the same for you?

Definitely. However, the churches I grew up in were quite diverse and my voice teachers trained me from a classical perspective. Also, because my parents were very open minded, my influence was outside of gospel music. The church gave me a platform to play the piano, sing solos, and perform my original songs quite often. I appreciate the community I had for supporting me in that way. 

How would you describe your style of music specifically? You put a fun and unique twist on religious music!

Thank you! I appreciate your comment! I think all Christian music should be equally enticing as main stream. Music is music. Just different lyrics. I would describe my music as Urban Christian Contemporary. My music is hard to box in because my influence and musical appreciation is so broad. It's a blend of many genres (R&B, hip-hop, pop, jazz, classical, rock) and definitely a variety of musical eras. (Long live the 80's lol)

Any final words or messages you’d like for our readers to know?

3 things. 

1) Love like lives depend on it, including yourself.

2) Peace is attainable. Settle for nothing less.

3) Spread H.O.P.E.

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