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Christiaan Padavan Has Had Enough Pretending In, “Million Little Lies”

A native from Hampton Bays, New York, pop artist Christiaan Padavan brings us “Million Little Lies,” his latest musical work.

Christiaan Padavan is a 23 years old artist with an ambitious and promising career. Christiaan has pursued his dream for years and has trained his musical skills with great artists. He demonstrates what he has achieved with his singing and songwriting. There is no doubt why he won a gold ticket on Season 2 of American Idol.

In his new single “Million Little Lies,” Christiaan Padavan reminds us it is better to live with the truth although it hurts. His lyrics talk about how we try to hide the reality just to sleep better at night, but the pain remains. This gloomy message contrasts the upbeat and catchy instrumentals you will love.

“Million Little Lies” starts with a fantastic track with a blissful keys melody and a piano while the claps lead the rhythm. Soon Christiaan vocals get in so energizing and melodic. His voice is expressive and versatile. He has a great range of voice. You can feel what he sings because the words run smoothly to your mind and heart.

There are plenty of Maroon 5 vibes in “Million Little Lies,” so enjoyable and with a track masterfully done. That is excellent production work. The painful lyrics are relatable and easy to hear when they come from such an exciting song. You can’t help but repeat it and sing along.

Clear your throat, grab whatever looks like a mic, and sing along with Christiaan Padavan in “Million Little Lies."

Welcome to BuzzMusic Christiaan Padavan, and congratulations on your latest release, "Million Little Lies." What experience inspired the lyrics and music of “Million Little Lies?”

I went through the classic college breakup... I had been head over heels for this girl, and things ended up not working out too well, unbeknownst to me, until it was too late. A friend of mine, Joe DiStefano, who I'd often collaborate on songs with, had gone to college with this girl and me and seen the relationship from start to end. On one of our collaboration days, I drove out to his place, and he had this unfinished song to show me. It was the first verse and chorus of "Million Little Lies," and man did it choke me up. I knew right then and there that we HAD to finish the track that day. We finished the track and a month or so later, the COVID pandemic began. Strange times...

How do you want “Million Little Lies” to impact your listeners?

I want "Million Little Lies" to have an impact in a way of reflection on relationships. I had been really, really going through it. As one usually does after a tough breakup. "Was it me? Was it my fault? Could I have done something to change the outcome of what had happened?" In the end, my friend Joe helped me express these emotions in a way that ultimately helped me grow from what had happened and taught me to be even more honest with myself moving forward.

How will you remember the experience of making “Million Little Lies?"

I will always remember driving out to my friend Joe's to write and record a demo for this song that I had no idea would turn out to be "Million Little Lies". To put it short, I will always think back fondly to those formative songwriting days with him. He'll forever be a musical brother of mine.

What did you learn as an artist from making “Million Little Lies?”

What I've learned as an artist is how similar and relatable the "Human Condition" really is. I recall getting a message from someone I'd known from High School, who reached out to let me know about how "Million Little Lies" had touched them after a recent divorce they were going through. The power of being honest can really help someone feel like they're not alone.

What's next for you?

What's next... I'm not completely sure! Haha... I work professionally in radio broadcasting, book 2-3 weekly live solo gigs for myself across Long Island's East End, and try to connect with as many creative, like-minded individuals as possible. What I've learned so far in this business? Chase passion, and the rest will follow. I've been blessed with opportunity and will continue to chase what has always made me happiest... music.


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