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Christian Dupree Pulls on the Heartstrings and Nostalgia in His Latest Single “Back To Life"

The New York City-based singer/songwriter Christian Dupree creates exciting pop music full of influences from multiple genres. Starting off as a world-class cellist, Christian has spent the last while perfecting his craft and honing in on sparking up his melodically driven sound. Christian recently released his brand new single "Back To Life," and we were blown away from his uses of the cello in pop music.

"Back To Life" opens up with a country-esque harmonica riff alongside a chill acoustic guitar riff that takes us back to our older days. We couldn't help but feel the nostalgia of our own lives while listening to "Back To Life," it sounds almost as if it came from a movie soundtrack. "Back To Life" features an equally acoustic and electronic drum kit, high cello lines that remind us of a fiddle, an awe-inspiring guitar solo, bouncy pianos, vocoded vocals that bring the perfect amount of modern to the chorus, and of course Christian's feel-good vocal performance that warms ours hears up. We love every aspect of "Back To Life" and cannot wait to hear what else is coming inChristiansupcoming self-titled EP.

Be sure to listen to “Back To Life” here.

Hey there Christian Dupree, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the feel-good vibes in “Back To Life”! What personally inspired you to create this release?

Thanks! I wrote Back To Life last March in response to the Covid-19 crises. As my girlfriend and I were forced to shelter in our New York Apartment, I wanted to create something that offered a bit of much-needed levity to the difficult circumstance. The song came from a place of embracing the simplicity of life and a return to the more important aspects of life - love, community, peace... We’re loving the organic flair to the production here, what was the whole recording and production process like for you? Did you perform everything yourself?

This song was created specifically with simplicity in mind. In the spirit of social distancing, I co-produced this tune completely remotely with my production team! It was definitely a new experience to work by sending everything over the airwaves, but I think it made this special as it showed that creativity doesn’t need to stop, even during times like these.  With the cello being where your roots lie, how has knowing that instrument well inspired the art you create today? Do you ever write on the cello? With this song as an exception, I have been writing exclusively on the cello. Although I am a seasoned guitarist, I use the cello to develop chord structures that are A-typical to my default guitar writing style. There is something very wholesome about writing on it, and I think it brings a unique flair to the songs. All the other tunes on the EP feature the cello as the core of the tracks, from the high powered pop stuff to the ballads. 

Since listening to this, we are very excited about your upcoming EP, how does the music on the EP compare to “Back To Life”? The new project is definitely far more of a new-age pop-oriented project but the production style is virtually the same. I decided to release the songs as singles that will culminate in the final project. I think many of the songs explore a much wider range of both my writing and my musicianship.  What's next for you?

I’m continuing to release these new songs and focus on building traction with new listeners. You can expect a ton of new material as I plan to write and produce a ton of material in the next year! Thanks for sharing!


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