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Christie Huff Warms Our Hearts With Her Latest Ballad, "Palm Reader"

The LA-based Country Singer/Songwriter Christie Huff returns to BuzzMusic with her desirous and poetic ballad, "Palm Reader." Growing up in Arizona while continually taking trips to co-write in Nashville has allowed Huff's deep Country roots to shine through within every piece. She's not only seen success through streaming, as Christie Huff has opened for staple Country acts like Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, Kip Moore, Toby Keith, and Bebe Rexha.

With her latest single "Palm Reader," Huff encompasses true songwriting talent within this lyrically captivating ballad. Through softened acoustic guitar, slow and airy drums, and Christie Huff's powerfully clear vocals, the song allows listeners to feel this longing sensation that Huff describes ever so purely.

"Palm Reader" gracefully opens with acoustic guitar and soft electric guitar mirroring melodies, setting the song's saddened, melancholy, and reflective tone. As Christie Huff's inviting vocals appear, she begins describing these constant and recurring dreams of longing to be in someone's presence. We can't help but feel an aura and delivery similar to Carrie Underwood and an early Taylor Swift. With warm ghost vocals and added bright piano, beauty and grace are exuding from all corners of this track. The hook serves beautifully crafted melodies through Christie Huff's mesmerizing vocals and the song's supporting instrumentals. Huff's vocals are so magnetic yet seem so effortless and easy as she haunts up the song with her feathery performance for listeners to fall back on.

The overall song "Palm Reader" captures listeners in a highly reflective dream-like atmosphere, while Christie Huff pulls us in closer with her balladic lyricism that anyone can relate with.

We're completely mesmerized by the experience you've delivered with "Palm Reader." What was it like writing such vulnerable and reflective lyrics, does writing deep and heavy lyrics come easy to you?

Thank you so much! Writing “Palm Reader” in particular flowed out of me pretty effortlessly, but it isn’t always that case. I was just inspired at the moment to write a song about finding my one true love because I was going through a breakup at the time. I was just sitting with my feelings and hopefulness for the future out came “Palm Reader”.

How does "Palm Reader" stand out from the rest of your music? Is this your first time around creating a solemn and reflective ballad?

The story aspect of “Palm Reader” is unlike anything I’ve ever released. And yes lately with the release of singles I’ve been putting out more up-tempo songs. “Palm Reader” definitely stands out since it’s more of a ballad.

Within your artwork for "Palm Reader," we noticed a few tarot cards and candles around you. Would you say that you're a spiritual person, or was this inspired purely from the song itself?

I am a spiritual person myself, but I definitely played that up for my character of the “Palm Reader”. I always like diving into the imagination of my songs with the artwork.

We've heard that you've gotten to open for a variety of staple Country acts. Could you tell us what these experiences were like and if you learned or took anything away?

Yes, I’ve been fortunate enough to open for Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Kip Moore, and Billy Currington! I took notes of their performances for sure. Every one of those artists knows how to command the stage. Just being able to perform on the same stage as they made me better wanting to measure up as much as I could to the kind of performer they are. Definitely a dream come true!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The main thing keeping inspired in 2020 is the time to actually reflect on certain things in my life and write songs about it. When I was getting stuck in the shuffle of things it was hard to have time to even think about anything other than the hustle of it all. One silver lining of 2020 is the time to be creative!



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