Christina Nini Steals Our Hearts With New Song 'Cry'

Christina Nini is stealing our hearts with her new single 'Cry'. The R&B influenced artist from Nashville, TN walks us through an emotional relationship, the one we're all guilty to. There's tons of 'break up' songs out there that are hard to connect with. 'Cry' is the opposite. It's so relatable you'll feel like you wrote the song yourself.

Christina's voice is big, yet delicate. When she sings, you're instantly drawn in to a personal connection between her and her powerful lyrics. The beat of the song is chilling and makes for a great addition to your self-love playlist.

If you're into artists like Nora Jones, Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson, you'll fall instantly in love with Christina Nini. 'Cry' makes us feel everything that music is supposed to do. Definitely one of our teams top picks. Listen to 'Cry' here

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