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Christina Nini Wows Viewers With Special Video Performance at the Dunkin Latte Lounge

Making the big move out to none other than the bustling scene of Nashville, TN, is pop-influenced solo artist Christina Nini. Music has always been a fundamental part of Christina Nini's life. Yet, she still garnered a grander appreciation for it once she soaked up all the magical elements that Nashville offers. As an emerging artist, Christina Nini already has a string of singles under her belt, which proved her sound to be more flavourful and elaborate than anticipated.

The latest appearance from Christina Nini includes her exclusive interview and video performance at The Dunkin Latte Lounge. She explains the surrealness surrounding her music career and the passion it took to get her where she is today. The interview is an excellent opportunity to understand Christina Nini and her artistic mind more elaborately.

Once you hit around the 15-minute mark, Christina Nivi gives a live performance of her single "Birthday" as well as "What It Feels Like." Together, the two songs offer a similar goosebump-worthy ambiance, mainly due to her explosive and intricate vocal range. Getting lost in the voice of Christina Nini may happen more frequently than you'd think, so prepare yourself for marvelous, daydream hypnosis upon listening to "Birthday" and "What It Feels Like."

Both singles are backed by incredibly melodic, harmonious productions that are rooted in piano rhythms. The underlying beat blends nicely into the emotionally affecting narratives that the two songs host, especially since they play into one another. "Birthday" includes a heartbreaking plea from Christina Nini, where she sings about the realities of lost love and the painful realizations when they're no longer there. Christina Nini dives explicitly into the painful reality check she endured once realizing that a past love wouldn't even reach out to her on her birthday, and immediately upon hearing the narrative, one can understand the connection Christina Nini had with this particular person.

On the other hand, "What It Feels Like" seems to be the next step in her thinking process, where she sings about the relief she experiences in knowing a past love wasn't the right one for her. The emotional and physical comfort that she feels is emulated well through her vocal tonalities and emotional expressions, which is why we appreciated her video performance. We got to see her perform her work in an impactful way truly.

Christina Nini's special on The Dunkin Latte Lounge is not one to miss, as this pop-inspired music star is well on her way to success, and she proves it with her "Birthday" and "What It Feels Like" performances.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Christina Nini, and congratulations on your performance at The Dunkin Latte Lounge. How was your experience performing on the show? How did you feel after the interview?

Thank you! It still feels kind of surreal to think I interviewed with Z100. I grew up in New Jersey, so I've been listening to this radio station for as long as I can remember. All my favorite artists have played on Z100, so to think that I could even perform in their Dunkin Latte Lounge is the most incredible feeling ever. I felt super proud after the interview! It was my first time being interviewed in person by a legitimate radio station, so afterward, I felt pretty proud of myself. I performed an acoustic set of "Birthday" and "What It Feels Like" after the interview portion. Both songs were live and done in one take.

"Birthday" and "What It Feels Like" are two incredibly moving songs. The emotion that's felt from both is very potent! Can you share more on the inspiration behind the two tracks and their narratives?

Thank you! I wrote Birthday and What It Feels Like during the same time period, so it's kind of weird that they both have entirely different messages HA. Birthday is about mourning a breakup, while What It Feels Like is about getting the confidence to leave that relationship. What It Feels Like was the first song I wrote when I decided to put out this project—I had been writing so many sad breakup songs and finally was like, "ok, time to switch up the narrative." I'm glad I did because I think it has a super empowering message behind it. It's all about balance! Birthday is probably the most personal song I've released thus far. The whole concept about not getting a call on your birthday is kind of a metaphor–– even though I know a lot of people feel this way (including myself), but at that moment, it felt like the world was collapsing. Looking back, I have so much more perspective on that experience, but I think the song captures everything I was feeling during that time.

Making your big move to Nashville not too long ago, how do you feel being immersed in the music scene there today? How does it compare to the music scene you experienced in New Jersey?

I am so happy I made a move to Nashville! Nashville is quite literally called Music City, so I don't think I could be in a better place pursuing my artistry. Growing up in New Jersey, there wasn't a progressive music scene. The biggest music scene I was immersed in there was in high school, being involved in choir, jazz band, acapella, etc… so when I finally made it to Nashville, I felt like I had finally made it into the "real music world" where people were doing it for a living, not just a hobby.

Will your future music hone into a similar story that was told in "Birthday" and "What It Feels Like?"

I think a lot of the backstory in Birthday and What It Feels Like will come with me as I write more and more music. The history and experiences will never go away, but I like to think as I write more I'll expand my storytelling. One thing I'm trying to work on is to write more about life. I have a song coming out in early 2022 that I'm SUPER excited for because it's the first song I've written that's not about a boy or relationship–– it's about change and nostalgia and all those things that go through your head day today. It was important for me to process all those feelings (especially when I was writing it during covid), and I'm so excited for everyone else to resonate with it.

What's next for you?

I am putting out more music! My goal over the next year is to write as much as possible and have a handful of songs I can sift through and eventually put out. I'm always trying to be as authentic as I can for my listeners–– if I'm going through something, I'm going to let them know! I'd also love to play some shows in the near future.


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